Protectors for the Planet

Inspire Through Eco-Art Competition 2023.

Calling All Artists ages 5-22. Use your creativity to help sustain our world!

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Online Submission Dates: August 4, 2022 – January 24, 2023

Competition Overview

Young artists, ages 5-22, create a 2-D, two dimensional or 3-D, three-dimensional artwork that illustrates the 2023 theme message: Protectors for the Planet. Participants may use any medium or combination of media if the work meets the size requirements designated in the Official Rules. 

The artwork must address this year’s theme: Protectors for the Planet.  The subject matter can center around different aspects of the theme. Artists could illustrate how they would directly impact their community or provide a solution to a global environmental concern. The artist may interpret the theme Protectors for the Planet to include individuals taking action towards a more sustainable planet. Artists may use visual elements to express their views on:  biodiversity, ocean health, pollution, climate change, waste disposal, conservation, wildlife habitat security or green innovation, to name a few. Artists may interrupt the theme more figuratively to suggest how one can take action protecting our planet or highlight the accomplishments of environmental leaders, animals and organisms working to sustain ecosystems. These are just a few ideas and should in no way limit the artist as to how the theme can be interpreted.

Competition Goals

  1. Provide students a platform to raise awareness about environmental issues and move others to take action.
  2. Give students a voice using the visual arts to express their views and showcase their artistic talents.
  3. Grant students the opportunity to display their artwork on a global scale. 

Cash Awards

  • Div I (ages 5-9) 1st Place $250     2nd Place $125
  • Div II (ages 10-13) 1st Place $500     2nd Place $250
  • Div III (ages 14-16) 1st Place $750      2nd Place $500
  • Div IV (ages 17-18) 1st Place $1,000   2nd Place $750
  • Div V (ages 19-22) 1st Place $1,500    2nd Place $1,000

Honorable Mentions will also be recognized with non-cash awards.


“A True Artist is not one who is inspired, but
one who inspires others.”-Salvador Dali

You can be a true artist and inspire others to create change.  Grab your brush and use your voice. 

Create a Masterpiece that Inspires Others to Sustain Our World.