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  • Making Coffee Using an Aeropress - EarthxHack at Earthx2020
  • Opening Ceremony - EarthxHack at Earthx2020

Changes to the event

We’re excited to announce that EarthxHack 2020 has transitioned to an online event. We hope that this will give everyone the chance to participate in an even bigger and better event without having to leave the comfort of their homes. As we all navigate the uncertainty of the COVID-19 outbreak together, what better way to pass the time than to work together on solutions to make our planet a great place to live once we can enjoy it again?

As an overview, here is what you can expect from our virtual event:

  • Timing: EarthxHack 2020 will begin at 9am CT on Friday, April 24th and run until 7pm CT on Sunday, April 26th. Submissions will be due by 6pm on Sunday.
  • Dream: Because of the unique nature of the virtual hackathon, we regret to inform you that we will no longer be offering Dream at this event. We hope to give this unique event format a shot soon, but we feel that it is best experienced in person. We apologize for any inconvenience.
  • Learn: We will be live streaming interactive workshops, talks, and experiences, live streamed and recorded throughout the week before the event from April 20th – 24th. All live streams will be posted and available for viewing on the live site.
  • Prizes: we’ll be offering an expanded prize pool since we don’t have to buy you all food.
    • Total prize pool of >$30,000 USD!
    • First place will receive up to $8,000.
    • Second place will receive up to $6,000
    • Third place will receive up to $4,000
    • Fourth and fifth place teams will receive $2,000.
    • A people’s choice award will also receive a prize of $4,000.
    • We’ll have over $4,000 in additional prizes you can win throughout the event!
  • Experience: Although EarthxHack 2020 is a virtual event, we hope that we can all come together and experience some of the hackathon magic.
    • We’ll have game servers set up, along with tournaments for you to play in
    • Discord will be set up to help you connect with your teammates and the community
    • We’ll have live-streamed hosts that will stay up all night with you, helping keep the enmergy going with some killer K-pop tracks and interesting content to help keep you mentally stimulated
    • We’ll have competitions throughout to give you a break from hacking.
    • And of course, we’ll have workshops and tech talks live streamed to help with education.
    • Sponsors will be virtual, with office hours and mock interviews available virtually.
  • Judging will be conducted over the week following project submissions. A panel of judges will review your submissions (make sure to submit your video and a great description with your code!) and the winners will be announced on a live streamed show on Saturday, May 2nd.
  • Mentors will be virtually available through Discord and our own Q&A site, where you can leave questions for your peers or our mentors. The most helpful mentors get prizes!

We know that virtual events can be a whole new hackathon experience, and we’re excited to try our first ever virtual hackathon with all of you. We welcome your advice, feedback, and suggestions as we try this new thing out together.

What is EarthxHack?

EarthxHack is a virtual hackathon designed to inspire you to use your creativity, technical thinking, and knowledge to solve real issues affecting the world today. We want to provide a space to help inspire creative solutions, so you can create inspirational ideas that can be implemented on a global scale. We encourage you to come and join us in making new things and turning the world into a better place!

We look forward to hosting you at EarthxHack, taking place all over the world as part of the largest environmental experience, Earthx2020. Join us from April 24th to the 26th to show off your skills, meet amazing people and help make a difference for the future.

Part 0: Learn
April 20th – 24th (Schedule TBA)

A series of hands-on interactive workshops, talks, and experiences, live streamed and recorded.

Learn is a series of workshops and lightning talks about subjects that are relevant to the world and to this event. You can expect a variety of sessions around technical topics, environmental issues, inspiration for your projects, ideation and coming up with cool thoughts, how to build your projects, and more!

Talks and sessions will be live streamed and recorded for future reference. You are welcome to join us for any portion of the session. Applications are not required for this portion of the event.

Part 1: Build
April 24th, 9:00am – April 26th, 7:00pm CT

A traditional hackathon, with a twist.

Build is the traditional EarthxHack experience that you’ve come to know and love, except this time, it’s all in 1s and 0s. We’ve designed a comprehensive virtual hackathon for you to collaborate and innovate with environmental partners, as well as your peers and new friends. Come up with interesting technical ideas and implement them to be eligible for prizes.

Staying consistent with our previous years, we’re going to have loads of mini events, contests, and engagement activities throughout the weekend.

Part 2: Celebrate
Live at 1pm CT Saturday, May 2nd

Judging and announcing winners.

Instead of having a traditional two-part expo and panel judging experience, our group of judges will be evaluating project submissions over the course of a week virtually. Winners will be announced via a live streamed ceremony. All are welcome to participate! We’ll still notify the winners if they can’t attend.


Who can attend?

All creators are welcome! This includes high schoolers, undergraduate students, graduate students, and professionals! We are happy to accept international participants, but please be aware that the tax people will keep 30% of your winnings, should you win a prize.

If you’re under 18, you need a signed waiver from your parent or legal guardian to win a prize. We’ll send this to you if necessary.


What if I don’t have teammates?

There will be a text channel on Discord for people to discuss project ideas, get to know one another, and form teams. We’ll also be hosting a live brainstorming and team-matching session. See the schedule for more details!


Are we allowed to build on past projects?

A hackathon is an experience to build something new within a set amount of time. Therefore, you cannot work on past projects. However, using your own open-source or third party libraries is fine, so long as the project is new.


Where will it be?

The event is virtual! Participants will be able to find more details on the live site once we get closer to the event.


I got travel reimbursement – what should I do?

We are happy to refund any money you spent booking an airline ticket before this announcement should you be unable to get a refund. Shoot us an email informing us of your situation at


Where can I get more details on the schedule?

A full event schedule and live stream times will be posted on the live site when they are available.

How big are the teams?

Teams are composed of 2-5 people. We recommend a finding teammates with diverse skill sets to cover all the bases of a great idea.


How much does this event cost to attend?

EarthxHack is 100% free. All you have to do is join us online!


What kind of hardware will you have?

We’ll be curating some suggested starter hardware for different types of projects, but due to the event being virtual, we won’t be able to offer access to our hardware library typically found at our in-person events. If you want to experiment with hardware, you are in charge of procuring what you need on your own.


What can I win?

We offer a prize pool of over $30,000 for this event. We’ll have plenty of challenges and sub-prizes as well as the main prizes. In addition, sponsors and partners may offer their own challenges – check back soon for more.


What do I need to submit with my project?

Since this is a virtual hackathon and we won’t be able to see your work in person, so we’ll require a detailed submission on Devpost. We’ll only be able to work with whatever you write and upload, so make sure you put some effort into that! More details on how submission works can be found on the live site.


Lets’s connect!

We’d love to hear from you! We are a friendly bunch and open to discussing new ideas, improvements, or partnerships.

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