In this episode, EarthX founder Trammell S. Crow converses with Aaron Perry and Joanie Klar (Global Advisory Board member for the Y on Earth Community) about his Texas-style “Conservative Conservation,” which he considers an important niche in society. The conversation includes what can be done in the built environment to enhance carbon sequestration, sustainability, and quality of life. Trammell, who exhorts that “action is key” emphasizes that awareness-raising IS action, and a critical step for the transformation of our culture and our society’s practices.

Trammell recalls where he was on the first Earth Day in 1970, and, a long-time wildlife and habitat conservationist, implores the audience to support the Rocky Mountain Wolf Project, which is restoring native wolves to Colorado – essential for the ecological sustainability of the region. December 4th is a deadline to achieve 126,000 signatures on the Colorado ballot initiative for the wolves – you can support the effort by donating at