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Top 5 Things for Millennials to do at Earth Day Texas

Earth Day Texas 2016, at Fair Park in Dallas, Texas.

What does it mean to be a Millennial? It means you care where your money goes. You care about supporting local, sustainable production of goods, and how companies are giving back to your community and communities around the world. At Earth Day Texas, we’re about just that – giving those who are doing good for this world and the environment a platform and a voice.

There are plenty of awe-inspiring activities perfect for the 20 or 30 something to enjoy at the event. We’ve broken it down into our top 5 picks for an awesome day at Earth Day Texas 2017.

Scuba Diving:

You will be allowed to scuba dive at Earth Day Texas! I repeat, you will be allowed to scuba dive in a 20×30 mobile “Go Dive Now Pool” at Earth Day Texas. diveWe’ve got all the latest diving equipment ready for you, all you need is a swimsuit. If you have ever wanted to learn to scuba, now is your chance!

Boho Market:

Head to the Boho Market for an all-encompassing, eco-lifestyle experience. Over 20 eco-friendly, local artisans will come together to share their sustainably produced clothing, jewelry, up-cycled fashion and furnishings. You’ll walk through endless rows of unique creations that you’ll feel great about supporting. Think of it as a trip down the ‘green’ brick road to the magical, and environmentally friendly, Oz. 

Vegan Market

Take in the extraordinary vendors at the outdoor vegan market. With a variety of vegan products, food and educational activities, you’ll be sure to learn a thing or two about this lifestyle. Check out the selection of 100% leather-free cowboy boots (because this is Texas y’all), talk with the founder of Rowdy Girl Sanctuary for rescued farm animals, or enjoy a bite to eat at Soul Good, an organic fast-food joint with integrity and no regret!

 Farmers Market:

 Stroll through the Farmers Market and awaken your senses to rows and rows of farm fresh produce, palatable foods, and work from local artisans celebrating individuality and sustainability. Plus, get a sneak peek at the development plans for the new 32-acre Frisco Market. 

EARTHxBeer Garden

Earth Day Texas 2016, at Fair Park in Dallas, Texas.

Last but certainly not least, you’ll want to soak up the sun and relax with a cold one at the EarthxBeer Garden. Sample, sip and enjoy an array of satisfying brews while reflecting on your new level of environmental consciousness. Sounds like it’s time for a selfie. 

There you have it Millennials, our top 5 things for a well-rounded experience at Earth Day Texas. So, come ready to grow your environmentally conscious mind, support local artisans, dine on food as fresh as nature intended it to be, and take the perfect Instagram somewhere along the way. Head to Earth Day Texas April 21-23 and experience all that the world’s largest eco-event has to offer. And don’t forget, admissions to the event is free!


Author: Abbie Lockwood