A Challenge to Save the Planet


Be The Change Challenge is an EarthX mission to educate, engage and inspire youth to act to protect our precious environment.


We challenge K-12 youth, their teachers, and their families to Be the Change.


Complete 1 task from each of 4 sections in the Challenge Board, document your work, upload it to EarthX Eco-Scrapbook to share it with the world!





Here’s How to Participate

Step 1

Accept the Be The Change Challenge and Start Learning.

Step 2

Complete Tasks from The Challenge Board
Complete as many tasks from the Challenge Board as you can. To be a Planet Hero and have a tree planted in your honor, complete at least 1 task from each of the 4 sections.

Step 3

Create Your Own Personal Eco-Scrapbook.
Keep a record of the tasks you complete and log them into a Personal Eco-Scrapbook using presentation software*.  Create a single document that contains ALL your tasks.  Here are the templates:

Use word processing software if you do not have access to presentation software.

Each task should include:

  • The title of the section from The Challenge Board.
  • The name of the task.
  • The result of your efforts.
Step 4

Post your accomplishments to the EarthX Eco-Scrapbook
Once you complete your Personal Eco-Scrapbook, post it to the EarthX Eco-Scrapbook on the EarthX Padlet site HERE. Click on the plus sign in the lower right-hand corner of the Padlet screen to upload your scrapbook.

In your title, be sure to include:

  • Your first name and last initial
  • Your city, state/province, and country

NOTE:  Documents will be reviewed and approved prior to being uploaded to the site.  If your work is not visible within 5 business days, please contact edu@earthx.org with BE THE CHANGE in the subject line.

The Challenge Board

Be a Planet Hero and have a tree planted in your honor by completing at least one activity from each section. Share your product in a digital “scrapbook” uploaded to the EarthX Eco-Scrapbook. The more activities you complete, the more you help Mother Earth!

1. Learn

  • Complete a lesson
  • View a video
  • Choose an activity
  • Explore a green building

2. Engage

  • Complete scavenger hunt
  • Engage with nature
  • Play a game
  • Look at nature

3. Inspire

  • Submit artwork
  • Create a short film
  • Write a poem
  • Compose a song

4. Make a Difference

  • Plant a garden
  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Create recycling event
  • Increase number of trees

1. Learn More

EarthX Download Lesson Plans EarthxEDU Education Earthx2020

Complete a Lesson

Complete a lesson (or a portion of a lesson) from the EarthX STEAM Curriculum. Share a product to show what you have learned. (K-12)

View a video

View a short video from EarthX Virtual Field Trips and respond to one of the guiding questions. (K-12)

Choose an activity

Choose one activity from the Teacher Resource Library and create a product in response to the learning. (PK-12)

Explore a green building

Explore the best ways to build sustainably and take the Green Building Challenge. Tell what choices worked the best for you when you played the game. (6-12)

2. Engage With Nature

Complete a scavenger hunt

Complete a nature scavenger hunt by sketching your discoveries as you explore the outdoors. (PK-12)

Engage with nature

Take part in the BackyardBio Project and share your nature discoveries through social media or iNaturalist. (PK-12)

Play a game

Play Natural Objects Memory Game and take a photo of your completed game. (PK-2)

Look at nature

Look for nature living in unusual places-cracks in a sidewalk, under stairs, abandoned lots, by playgrounds, etc. Share a photo of at least one of these curiosities. (PK-12)

3. Inspire Through the Arts

Submit Artwork

Submit artwork to the 2022 Inspire Through Eco-Art: Plant the Seed Competition (Entries accepted through January 24, 2022) (K-12)

EarthX Photo Video EarthxConference Conference Film EarthxFilm EarthxEDU Education Earthx2020

Create a short film

Create a short video (30 seconds or less) on an environmental topic important to you. Find an audience to share it with to spread your inspiration for change. (Ages Vary)

Write a poem

Write a poem relating an aspect of the environment (i.e. beauty of nature, climate change, biodiversity, conservation, etc.) (K-12)

Compose a Song

Submit an image that shows an aspect of the environment and then compose a musical piece (30 seconds or less in length) to express your feelings on the topic.  Record it in an mp4 format. (PK-12)

4. Make A Difference!

Plant a garden

Plant a pollinator garden and take a photo of the birds, butterflies or bees that may you find. (PK-12)

Reduce carbon footprint

Calculate your carbon footprint and choose one way to make it smaller. Share your efforts. (1-12)

Create recycling event

Hold “A Bag’s Life Caught in the Act” recycling event or choose another way to reduce, reuse or recycle plastic bags.  Share the number of plastic bags you were able to recycle / reuse / reduce. (PK-12)

Increase number of trees

Learn about the power of trees through research or this children’s story, The Forest Man. Plant a tree or donate to have one planted. Share your action. (PK-12)

See other ways people have discovered how to
Be The Change.