Bonobo Peace Forest

EarthX purchased 5,221 tons of carbon offsets for their 2020 Expo for the Bonobo Peace Forest and the Bonobo Conservation Initiative to help offset our carbon footprint for 2020, representing 59 pounds per attendee @ 177,000 = 5,221.50 tonnes.

Bonobo Conservation Initiative announced that Vie Sauvage—their leading partner in the Kokolopori Bonobo Reserve—has won the 2020 Equator Prize!

This prize, awarded by the United Nations Development Programme, celebrates local community and indigenous peoples’ initiatives that advance innovative nature-based solutions for conservation and sustainable development. Vie Sauvage is one of ten winners out of almost 600 applicants from around the world. BCI nominated Vie Sauvage in recognition of their pioneering efforts on behalf of bonobos and biodiversity.