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Go FIFTY for 50

It’s the Ultimate Challenge for those who want Lasting Change.
5 Pledges x 10 Actions = 50 Ways to Protect our Planet.


The first Earth Day – 1970

Were you there?

If so, FAR OUT!
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Share your story. Inspire others to keep the faith.
Join us for a groovy 50th Earth Day Celebration at Earthx2020.


Texas has a long, proud history of being at the forefront of American innovation and development. Now, we have an opportunity to shape our future by adopting renewable energy. EarthX is proud to be a founding partner of RenewTX25 a pledge campaign from the Dallas County Community College District that asks Texans to switch to electricity from 100% renewable energy sources by 2025. Join us. Take the Pledge.

Go “No Containers” Loco.

Pledge to Give Up Styrofoam & Plastic Containers.

The world is using a crazy amount of plastic to-go containers that end up in our oceans and landfills – millions every day! Let’s say NO to styrofoam and plastic COntainers and redirect all that effort and energy towards finding better solutions that use biodegradable and low-impact re-usable materials.

Calculate Your Plastic Use. Then Pledge to Reduce it.

Take the EarthX pledge to Strike Out Straws

Over 500 million plastic straws are used every day in the U.S. Once they are discarded, single-use plastic straws, which are made from petroleum, require over 200 years to break down, which effectively adds to plastic debris in our landfills and the plastic already covering one third of the world’s oceans.

Add your name to our list of environmentally conscious businesses and Earthlings who are determined to remove single-use plastics from the environment.