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Five Reasons to Visit the Tiny House Villages

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 5.34.19 PMThe tiny house exhibit has been one of the most popular spots for attendees of Earth Day Texas in years past. This year, we’re taking it up a notch – with more tiny house options than ever before. Here are the top 5 reasons to visit!

1) Tour 13 hand-built tiny houses and be prepared to be amazed at what fits into less than 200 square feet!  There are many creative storage solutions – and secret storage cubbies – can you find them?

2)  Observe an alternative lifestyle first hand.  These are real-life, full-time residences built by their owners. Are they crazy? Could you do it?  See for yourself!

3) Register to attend one of the two Tiny House Community & Zoning Workshops offered right here at Earth Day! Learn the nuts and bolts of creating and living in a tiny house community!

4) The houses are cute, sure, but it’s all about the people! Meet thousands of like-minded people interested in living sustainably in tiny houses.  When you truly fall in love, order your #tinyhousetribe T-shirt to support the movement!

5)  Buy a tiny house to take home for yourself, for your mother-in-law, for your college student, for your “me-time!”  The TerraForm House and the Whittle Wagon are for sale! (Their owners are going even smaller!)

Whatever your reasons are, be prepared to be amazed! Come see the tiny house exhibit at Earth Day Texas. Admission to the Tiny House villages is $5 per person (a wristband gains you admission to all the DIY houses). See you there!

Author: Steve Krakauer

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