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  • Mobilizing Employees For Climate Action
  • How Companies & Investors Can Restore Trust in Democracy


We’re All In This Together

The coronavirus compels us to keep our distance, but reinforces how connected we all are. That’s why we’re converting our upcoming Summit into a complimentary, virtual experience and opening it to the public.

This April 7-30, join peers and experts for high-value, dynamic online discussions on corporate and societal risk and opportunity during this time of great uncertainty.

Keep scrolling or click here for our current Summit schedule. All sessions are free with registration, so share far and wide! And sign up here to be alerted as we add more sessions.









The Force For Good Forecast

WHEN: April 7, 10:00 am PDT

WHAT: Our annual Force for Good Forecast helps companies see around the corner to minimize stakeholder risk and find opportunities to lead. We’ll walk you through hot topics, simmering tensions, and potential flashpoints, and offer tangible advice for corporate and NGO leaders looking to engage in this tenuous time.

Note: To catch up on the top stakeholder trends, read our report. Over the coming months, we’ll be diving deeper into select trends, starting with COVID-19 and regenerative agriculture.



Reaching Net-Zero in the Age of Political Polarization

WHEN: April 9, 12:00 pm PDT

WHAT: Nestle and BP recently announced ambitious goals to achieve net zero emissions by 2050, navigating polarized political waters on climate in the US and escalating aspirations in Europe. But are these efforts genuine? Can a global consumer packaged goods brand or oil company truly be net zero? Where do plastics fit in? And how should these giants be influencing the broader actions of their industries, consumers, and society?


  • Bob Stout, Vice President & Head of US Policy, BP
  • Nicole Collier, Director of Policy & Public Affairs, Nestlé USA


How Companies & Investors Can Restore Trust in Democracy

WHEN: April 17, 11:00 am PDT

WHAT: Though many business leaders are concerned about declining public trust in capitalism and representative democracy, they feel their companies must compete aggressively to influence public policy discussions. What can committed sustainability and government affairs professionals do to address the growing lobbying arms race?


  • Elizabeth Doty, National Program Leader, Business for American Promise
  • Rick Alexander, Founder, The Shareholder Commons


Innovative Solutions For Our Climate Emergency 

WHEN: April 21, Time TBD

WHAT: More than eleven thousand scientists signed onto a recent paper that declared climate change an emergency and asserted that scientists have a “moral obligation… to tell it like it is.” So––what’s happening, and what can we do about it? Hear from two climate veterans on the most promising initiatives to help us bend the curve.


  • Chad Frischmann, Vice President & Research Director, Project Drawdown
  • Brad Ack, Founder, Ocean Climate Trust, Former SVP, WWF



Mobilizing Employees For Sustainability Action

WHEN: April 22, 10:00 am PDT

WHAT: Bill Weihl drove Google and then Facebook to become poster children for corporate renewable energy leadership. Now, as founder of ClimateVoice, he’s activating the power of the workforce to urge global companies to go “all in” on climate––in both business practices and policy advocacy. Learn how his team is mobilizing employees––perhaps even yours––toward climate action.


  • Bill Weihl, Founder, ClimateVoice, Former CSO, Facebook

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