Global Roundtables

Transformational Technology for a Climate-Smart Inclusive Economy

Presented by SMU Lyle School – Hunt Institute for Engineering and Humanity in collaboration with Blockchain Frontier Group and Fintech4Good.

REPLAY of the event originally streamed on 23rd and 30th of April 2020
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The Tech4Good Global Roundtable

The Tech4Good Global Roundtable featuring conversations with entrepreneurs, policy makers, academics and thoughts leaders about transformational technology based solutions and approaches to help those most affected and to support the recovery from the Covid19 crisis. We will also talk to our guests about some of the big questions our society is facing and the visions for the post Covid-19 economic system.


Submit your questions before or during the event! After each live roundtable, we will continue the conversation online in our Mighty Networks community to explore how these solutions can be implemented in our local community, share thoughts and move ideas to action.

The April 16th Event

On April 16 at 10:00 AM CT we will launch The Tech4Good Global Roundtable discussions with a conversation between Xiaochen Zhang, President of FinTech4Good and Eva Csaky, Executive Director of the Hunt Institute for Engineering & Humanity.

This first event will outline the objectives of the Roundtables and talk about the role fintech and financial innovations can play in helping the small businesses and social entrepreneurs devastated by Covid-19. We will talk about how crowdfunding, blended finance, smart philanthropy and blockchain platforms may help these businesses not only to get through the current crisis but also to become more resilient and productive in the long run.

The April 23rd Event

Blockchain based technologies can empower companies to pursue more sustainable supply chain practices, philanthropy to trace and measure the impact of their funding, and small businesses to access markets and opportunities.

On April 23, Tech4Good Global Roundtable will be hosted by Anna Clark, Inclusive Economy Consortium Co-Founder and Hunt Institute Fellow. Her guest will be Amy Seidman, CEO of Noble Profit and creator of mFLO Covid, a project using blockchain enabled technology to track covid 19 resources and the impact of recovery aid. mFLO Covid project uses a blockchain enabled technology being built by Noble Profit called BFLO to track, verify and manage sustainability information. Amy and Anna will also discuss applications for BFLO to map sustainability across value chains in business and investment, support transparency and verification in the post covid world we want to create, and the power of networks for small businesses to access markets and opportunities.

The April 30th REPLAY

Due to technical difficulties encountered in the original LIVE streaming, a REPLAY of the Tech4Good Global Roundtable held on April 23 will be REPLAYED in its entirety on Thursday, April 30th at 10 AM CST.

Organizing Partners

EarthX is an international environmental organization that educates and inspires people to action towards a more sustainable future.  EarthX hosts the world’s largest environmental exposition, conference and film festival annually in Dallas, convening citizens and change agents representing business, government, academia and civil society.

Hunt Institute for Engineering & Humanity: Based in the Lyle School of Engineering at Southern Methodist University, the Hunt Institute serves as an interdisciplinary hub to partner with leaders in business, academia, NGOs and government, in order to develop and scale sustainable and affordable solutions to the challenges facing the global and local poor. The Hunt Institute launched the Blockchain Hub for an Inclusive Economy in September 2018, Tech4Good Hub for short, in partnership with the Blockchain Frontier Group and Fintech4Good.

Inclusive Economy Consortium (IEC) :IEC was launched by the Hunt Institute as an interdisciplinary network and collaboration platform of diverse stakeholders who are dedicated to creating an economy that works for all.

Blockchain Frontier Group (BFG) is a global network that accelerates social change in frontier markets through blockchain and distributed ledger technology. By engaging start-ups, technology experts, industry leaders, investors, public sector actors, and civil society, BFG facilitates the generation of new approaches to solving global challenges. BFG drives social impact through building a database of existing and emerging use cases, accelerating solutions for growth, and providing capital to support the scale up of high potential startups.

FinTech4Good seeks to co-create blockchain solutions that contribute to the achievement of sustainable development goals through its acceleration network that works with start-ups, industrial leaders, NGOs and investors to develop and implement fintech and blockchain solutions for a better world.

IEEE is the world’s largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity.  The IEEE Blockchain Initiative (BLK) launched January 1, 2018 as the hub for all IEEE Blockchain projects and activities in order to deliver a stabilizing think space of seasoned professionals specifically trained and positioned to make a difference.