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Green Speaker Series

April 26-28, 2019 • Fair Park, Dallas, Texas, USA
Automobile Building
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Centennial Building
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Conference Overview Description

Earthx and Mission present EarthxOcean Conference: No Blue, No Green!, gathering world-renowned scientists, business leaders, non-profits and government to address the inland connection to the ocean. Experts from around the globe will provide plenary sessions in the morning, and moderate breakout sessions in the afternoon to provide an opportunity to engage on critical ocean issues.”

Exhibition Overview Description

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Centennial Stage

Panels and speakers subject to change.

DAY 1 – Friday – April 26, 2019
11:00AM • Tech to the Rescue

Filmmakers and virtual reality platforms use technology to document the most pressing environmental issues. How are experts in tech helping VR filmmakers document elephant rescues, record coral restoration efforts and prevent poaching? Join a discussion with world renowned filmmakers and global brands on the exciting ways tech is driving impact.

Kristine Severson (HTC Vive, VR for Impact)
Jaimie Pallot (Last Whispers, Greenland Melting – Emblematic Group)
Erika Woolsey (Hydrous Immerse – National Geographic)
Leandro Amorim-Downie (Sharkwater VR, Living with Jaguars – Occupied VR)
Brady Bothwell (Sharkwater VR, Living with Jaguars – Occupied VR)

11:30AM • Heirs To Our Oceans: Charley Peebler, Aislinn Clark
12:00PM • Rudy Reyes: Warrior Roots of Conservation
12:30PM • Danni Washington: Xploration Nature Knows Best
1:00PM • Andy Sansom: Texas Parks
1:30PM • Eva Hidalgo: Operation Milagro: Last Chance for the Vaquita Porpoise
2:00PM • Damien Mander

Rethinking conservation in Zimbabwe: Success in the world’s only nature reserve to be managed and protected by women

Damien Mander’s – Founder & President

2:30PM • Seastars: Real-Life Stories from a Regenerative Future
3:30PM • Frank Murphy and Cecile Gasper of the Tetiaroa Society: Sustainability in Island Tourism
4:00PM • Todd Tanner: Death by Polar Bear
TALKING CLIMATE CHANGE WITH HUNTERS, ANGLERS AND OTHER SKEPTICS: Writer, filmmaker & climate activist Todd Tanner of Conservation Hawks on breaking through partisan barriers and engaging in productive conversations.
DAY 2 – Saturday – April 27, 2019
10:30AM • Whitney Walker (Anna Sova), Kristin Leiber and Lauren Clarke (Turncompost), with Catherine O'Toole as moderator: Ways to go Green
11:00AM • Scott Sabin and Dr. Durley: The Future Is Now
11:30AM • Wildlife Recovery

Micheal Slattery from TCU, Rachel Taylor Animal Recovery Mission, Jaime Rupert with Rhino 911, Sally Jewel Coxe with Bonabo, and Dr Laurie Marker 

Dr. Mike Slattery – Dean of Environmental Science
Jaime Rupert 
Salley Jewel Cox – President and Co-Founder

12:30PM • Sid Miller, Brady Hale and Nic Bach: Invasive Species
3:00PM • The $1,000,000 Gap - A Visionary Dallas “LOCAL" Agri-System

On this panel would be: Drew Demler (Big Tex Urban Farm), Chris Higgins (CEO, Hort America – a Dallas-based leader in hydroponic equipment), Owen Lynch, Candace Chandra (CEO Fresh Food Connect)

Chris Higgins – Co-Owner/GM
Owen Lynch’s – Associate Professor and Director of Honors Program and SMU-in-London Internships, Altshuler Distinguished Teaching Professor

4:00PM • Jay Banner: Hot Science
5:00PM • Valentine Thomas (Ambassador for 4 Ocean and Marine Stewardship Council on Sustainable Tuna Fisheries) Professional Free Diving Spear Fisherwoman: Eco Friendly Food Sourcing
DAY 3 – Sunday – April 28, 2019
11:00AM • Dr. William Parker - The Danger of Undersea Noise Pollution
12:00PM • Paul Watson: Sea Shepherd
12:30PM • Dr. Roger Knudsen: How I Got Off the Sidelines and Became a Climate Activist. And How You Can Too!
1:30PM • Carol Mantasoot: Palm Oil Is Everywhere, What You Need To Know
2:00PM • EarthxPitch
3:00PM • Naturally Inspired Immersive Storytelling

Immersive storytelling has proven to have incredible impact for causes. In this panel, virtual reality filmmakers will talk about how they inspire audiences to fall in love with nature — which in turn translates into real-world actions to protect our planet.
Sophie Ansel, (Guardians of the Kingdom, Underwater Earth, Oculus VR for Good)
Adrien Moisson (Wild Immersion endorsed by Jane Goodall)
Christophe Bailhache (Guardians of the Kingdom, Underwater Earth)
Jeffrey Abramson (Ghost Fleet, Catovia)
Roberto Cerda (Restore Coral)

Automobile Stage

Panels and speakers subject to change.

DAY 1 – Friday – April 26, 2019
11:00AM • Youth Involvement in Mexico's Sustainability
11:30AM • Benji Backer and Todd Myers: Conservation, energy, and political environmental strategy
12:30PM • Dr. Lehman Marks: Solar Car Challenge
1:00PM • Seamus McGraw: Betting On The Farm On A Drought
1:30PM • Ryan Sitton: Global Impact of LNG Exports
4:00PM • Adam Saslow: US EPA’s Trash Free Waters Program
4:30PM • Katie Hoffman Infastructure Investment for the 21st Century
5:00PM • Don Hartsell: How Green Can We Get?
DAY 2 – Saturday – April 27, 2019
10:30AM • Protecting Texas Property Owners: The Need for Eminent Domain Reform

Angela Hunt – Former Dallas City Councilwoman

Gary Joiner – Farm Bureau, Associate Communications Director
Rita Beving – Texas Landowners for Eminent Domain Reform, Director
Judith McGeary – Landowner, Farm & Ranch Freedom Alliance, Founder

Eminent Domain is an unfair process for landowners in the State of Texas. Though property owners are facing more projects taking valuable land every year, no significant legislation has passed since 2011 to help level the playing field in condemnation. Hear from a landowner who has been personally affected by the inequities of condemnation and those organizations working to reform the process.

11:30AM • The Future of Recycling

The Future of Recycling: Jason Avery, Jordan Fengel, Alita Kane with the Recycling Partnership, Horatio Lonsdale-Hands, and Moderator Maia Corbitt

1:00PM • Water On The Home Front: David Foster
1:30PM • David Batstone: Walk Like A Hero
2:00PM • Avanced Power Alliance - Red River Rivalry: A Battle For Renewable Energy supremacy

Jeffrey Clark, Mark Yates, and OK Director

3:00PM • How the Furniture Industry Can Save Forests of the World

Susan Inglis, Executive Director of Sustainable Furnishings Council 

Panelist candidates:
Chris McLaren, Chief Marketing Officer, Forest Stewardship Council
Barbara Bramble, VP for International Conservation & Corporate Strategies, National Wildlife Federation
Ben Collins, VP of Retail at Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams
Luke Cavanagh, Communications Head, Ikea North America
Jill Assad, Sr. Director of Corporate Communications, Crate & Barrel
Donna Sampson, General Manager for the Dallas Flagship Williams Sonoma

Forests have a major role in combating climate change. They have the potential to absorb about one-tenth of all global carbon emissions projected for the first half of this century into their biomass and soils and store them forever. The furnishings industry, as the #3 user of the wood resource globally has a responsibility to keep them healthy, and leading retailers know it. Currently mismanagement and clearing of forests is accounting for about one-sixth of global carbon emissions. By insisting that the wood they buy is from well managed forests, major furniture stores are ensuring forest health while also offering customers furniture and decor that will continue to sequester carbon. This panel of leaders in furnishing America’s homes and protecting the world’s forests join Sustainable Furnishings Council’s Susan Inglis for a discussion of how much forests matter.

4:00PM • Kelly Vlahakis-Hanks: Tips for Greening Your Home
4:30PM • Gay Browne: Living With A Green Heart
DAY 3 – Sunday – April 28, 2019
11:00AM • Building for Water Security: Seamus McGraw, David Foster, and Damir Perge
11:30AM • Force Blue: ONE TEAM. ONE FIGHT.: Redefining Cooperation and Communication in a Hyper-Partisan Climate
12:00PM • James McGuire: Reducing Municipal Emissions
12:30PM • How Human Health is Affected by Climate: Dr. Monhas, Dr. Kumar Modi, Dr. Elizabeth White
1:00PM • Provide Clean Drinking Water and Education to Remote Areas

Lulu Mayorga – Board Member of Our World Water (booth, Holly Bock contact), is from Puerto Rico Government Rep.

2:00PM • Joaquin Ruiz: Biosphere 2
3:30PM • Tiny House Panel Discussion
“We must protect the ocean as if our lives depend upon it – because they do.”
Sylvia Earle



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