March For Science Global Youth Forum

March For Science will bring youth together to mobilize advocates around the world to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and science-informed public policies.
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MFS Global Youth Forum

March For Science (MFS) is bringing together youth leaders and institutions from around the world to discuss solutions to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and how the next generation of leadership is spearheading global advocacy. In partnership with EarthX, the MFS Global Youth Forum will live-stream interviews, panels, poetry slams, short videos, and storytellers that highlight initiatives, campaigns, and policies impacting communities across the globe.

Unite Behind the Science

Youth invited to apply to the First March For Science Youth Summit at Earthx2020

March For Science, the world’s largest grassroots network of science advocates will host 250 youth leaders and climate activists from around the globe April 24-26, 2020 at EarthX. Youth ages 14-26 are eligible to apply to the Summit and participate in workshops, panels, networking, and experiences brought to you by youth leaders from organizations such as Sunrise Movement, Zero Hour, Earth Guardians, Earth Uprising, Fridays for Future USA, XR Youth, and more. Modeled after the MFS Media zone produced at the UN Youth Climate Summit in New York, MFSYS will host a day-long media zone at EarthX on April 26, featuring panels and interviews with renowned youth leaders and UN Ambassadors.

Please forward this opportunity to any interested students and share them on your social media.

SINCE 2017 / MARCH FOR SCIENCE has organized more than 1000 public demonstrations across the globe, while spearheading local and global campaigns to support – and defend – the role of science in the development of public policy.

Washington DC with Bill Nye March for Science Youth Summit
Washington, DC with Bill Nye

2 0 1 8 /
Inspired active participation across the globe for the second annual event.

Durban South Africa March for Science Youth Summit
Durban, South Africa

2 0 1 7 /
mobilized more than one million science advocates in 600+ cities around the world.

Science not Silence March for ScienceLondon, England

New York March for ScienceNew York City, New York

2 0 1 9 /
Empowered local organizers around the world to stand up in support of science informed public policies in the third annual event.

Media Zone

Last year, March For Science launched the MFS Media Zone to
elevate the voices of youth leaders, scientists, and diplomats from
around the world. The Media Zone is an all-day, live-streamed event
that broadcasts high-level panels and interviews to our Facebook
community of 800k+ science advocates, while developing content
that we distribute across our social media platforms.


Digital Footprint:

Last year, MFS partnered with the UN Youth Climate Summit in New York City and the UN Conference of Youth in
Madrid to highlight the world’s most impactful youth leaders and build support for their organizations and critical initiatives.

New York Media Zone March For Science
March for Science Media Zone – New York City, New York


  Impressions Engagement
Facebook 8.5 Million 1.1 Million
Instagram 177,635 9,466
Twitter 814,000 8,435


Over 160 cities around the world signed up to organize for the Global Day of Action on April, 22, 2020 during March for Science Media Zone.

Secretary-General Envoy on Youth, Jayathma Wickramanayake with Moderator, Danni Washington

March For Science Media ZoneMarch for Science Media Zone – New York City, New York

IN 2020 / MARCH FOR SCIENCE will build upon the momentum of the UN Youth Climate Summit and UN Conference of Youth by hosting a global youth summit whose success will be defined by how much delegates receive meaningful support – both during the event and beyond. The summit will be held virtually as part of Earthx2020, the weekend following the global days of action surrounding the 50th anniversary of Earth Day.

Event Details

Hosted at EarthX, “The World’s Largest Environmental Experience”
Streaming Virtually – APRIL 26, 2020