EarthX Leads Pledge to Go Noco Loco.

EarthX is encouraging all participating restaurants and guests to “Go NoCo Loco” and reduce unnecessary waste during DFW Restaurant Week. EarthX, a DFW Restaurant Week sponsor, is promoting the switch from traditional plastic and Styrofoam boxes to biodegradable to-go containers by providing restaurants with alternative options for packaging their to-go meals.

Partnering with Earth Supply and Garland’s CircleTerra, this initiative is connecting participating establishments with ecofriendly tableware options. Low impact containers are an option for restaurants, and EarthX looks to highlight these as a feasible choice for local restaurants this August.

About $11 billion is spent on discarded single-use plastic to-go containers annually – and these account for approximately 10% of all trash. This is why EarthX is encouraging restaurants and patrons to say NO to wasteful plastic and Styrofoam containers during the 2019 DFW Restaurant Week.