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Inspire the inner explorer, scientist, artist, and farmer in North Texas children by participating in the Earth Day Texas Family Zone!

Earth Day Texas isn’t just another family festival; it is an interactive experience where fun meets hands-on education. For three days in April, families can learn from world-class educators, enjoy healthy food and beverages, and play while learning about energy, animals, recycling, and more.

Does your organization specialize in interactive education or have an important sustainability message to share? If so, contact Earth Day Texas about providing featured programing in the Family Zone!


How Learning To SCUBA Dive Can Help The Oceans

Want to truly understand the ocean, and how important ocean conservation is? One way to start is to…get in the ocean. And one way to do that is to learn how to SCUBA dive. Speak Up For Blue, a SCUBA diving blog, lists three reasons how SCUBA divers can help save the oceans, including the…

December 4, 2015 • Children & FamilyNatural Resources & Conservation

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Green Weekend Trips: Lake Whitney, Texas

We travel for the experience. Ecotourism, or nature tourism, is responsible travel with the purpose of experiencing the natural attractions unique to different environments. By nature, no-pun intended, ecotourism is a lesson in wildlife and natural resource conservation that goes beyond studying in a book or even reading this blog. It is waking up with…

December 4, 2015 • Children & FamilyFood, Health & Active Lifestyle

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