Dimensional Energy

Dimensional Energy, a CleanTech start-up based in Ithaca, NY, developed a groundbreaking closed-loop system using carbon dioxide and sunlight to yield hydrocarbonic fuel through a photochemical reactor. By converting CO2 back into hydrocarbon fuels, the system has the potential to provide power without fossil fuels, and reduce carbon emissions.

Jason Salfi, Co-Founder and CEO of Dimensional Energy, spoke at the Earthx2019 EarthxE-Capital Summit start-up panel.

“The atmosphere at the event made for easy connections,” said Salfi. “From the parties at Trammell S. Crow’s house to Joel Sartore’s Animal Portraits, we were able to have stimulating conversations with people from all over the world.”

Through investors in the EarthX panelist network, Dimensional Energy secured a significant investment in its $1mm seed round, and in following months, the firm made substantial financial progress.

“The fact that the event is on neither coast allows East and West Coast people to be present and undistracted,” said Salfi. “Everyone I spoke with was interested in what I was doing and I felt connected with opportunities that others were sharing with me.”