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Directory of Participants

EarthX participants include an impressive line-up that includes hundreds of environmental and conservation leaders and influencers from a wide range of disciplines and interests who represent a broad spectrum of initiatives and efforts around the globe. If it is happening in conservation, sustainability and environmentalism, you can be assured that the voices of leaders of those efforts will be heard here.

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Chanda Chevannes

Judith Helfand

Robert Holt

Stephen Russell

Lori Clark

Ken Brown

Phillip Wiedmeyer

Christopher (Mo) Hollis

Randy Loftus

Eleanor (Elli) Kerlow

Nikki Caputo

Vicki N. Goldstein

Stephanie Krueger

Jens Isenhart

Caecilia Isenhart

Freya Isenhart

Zehra Cheatham

Cambria Barlett

Taylor Shedd

BA Norrgard

Anna Cummins

Dr. Nancy Rabalais

Seth Watkins

Jeremy Jackson

Jenna Valente

Raleigh Hoke

John Hocevar

John Armor

Kelly Wright

Ken Paxton

Wes Strickland

Molly Cagle

Thomas O. McGarity

Mary Mendoza

David Ross

Brent Fewell

Margo Pellegrino

Lance Kittel

Ben Lecomte

Suzanne Murray

Gabriel Eckstein

Allan Gates

Mary Shahid

Kim Mickelson

J. Douglas Jacobson

Nim Kidd

Charles De Monaco

Mark McPherson

Charlotte Vick

Mary K. Sahs

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