Earth Supply Company

EarthX exhibitor Earth Supply was formed to sell paper straws to restaurants, caterers, and conscientious consumers to address the negative impact of single-use plastic straw consumption. They offer an environmentally responsible product to the public – as well as have created jobs that promote healthier people, healthier animals, and a healthier global ecosystem.

Brian Burrows and Earth Supply gives $1 of every bulk purchase to ocean- focused 501(c)(3) organizations such as Surfrider, Sea Shepherd, or the USVI’s Friends of the Park program to support ocean research and marine protection. The company’s mission statement encourages patron’s to “make one small change” to their daily routines, like forgoing a straw or switching to paper alternatives when enjoying your drinks.

Healthy habits made by individuals such as these lead to larger scale changes on the public level – a concept deeply seated in the ethos of EarthX. Now, EarthX has partnered with Earth Supply on the DFW restaurant week “Go NoCo Loco” campaign to encourage bio-degradable alternatives to single-use plastic take out containers among participating restaurants in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.