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After studying veterinary science and then business at the ESCP Europe Business School, Adrien created his first business, Musiques hybrids, managing communications for numerous musicians.

He then went on to create Elegangz, a creative communications agency and film production company (films, events, online services, artistic direction) that develops projects that are as innovative as they are accessible, including Tipp Ex’s online interactive “Hunter Bear” campaign.

Simultaneously, he co-founded the Calvi on the Rocks Festival and more recently Splendens Factory, a space for artist, photography and music studios, as well as a bar, restaurant and club. Today, in pursuit of greater meaning, he’s decided to devote his diverse skill set, talent and network to projects working to save the planet and the environment.

This is why he has created THE WILD IMMERSION, whose first project of a “Virtual Reserve” serves as the bedrock of a universal crusade.

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