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Charley Peebler is a 15-year old who founded Heirs To Our Oceans (H2OO member of the Pescadero CA chapter of Heirs To Our Oceans (H2OO) along with her family 3 years ago. H2OO is an organization that empowers, educates and mobilizes youth around the purpose of ocean and water protection.

Charley is an independent learner committed to investigating the problems that our waters face and processing and actively engaging in solutions. She is also actively working to develop her skills as an empathetic leader and in effectively connecting with youth of different backgrounds. Charley’s focus areas of study include human impacts on coral reefs and deep sea habitats as well as such impacts as derelict fishing gear and ghost fishing and unsustainable fishing practices.

As an Heir, Charley speaks to audiences locally, nationally and internationally, to all ages and in any venue, about the water crisis that her generation faces. Charley also engages in policy influence that benefits her generation speaking with local, state and federal policy makers and testifying before governing bodies. To further inspire the next generation of environmental leaders, Charley and her fellow Heirs are making a full-feature film that tells the story of their journey in starting a global movement from the ground up.

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