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Chris Higgins is the founder and owner of Urban Ag News. Urban Ag News is a educational website that focuses on controlled environment agricultural practices, sciences, market data and operations. Chris has organized a team of experienced horticultural and creative professionals for the continued creation of content for not only the website but a variety of clients, universities and institutions.

Together his team focuses on providing innovative, inspirational, science and market specific content helps to drive the industry. His audience includes professional greenhouse vegetable growers, government and non-government organizations, agricultural/horticultural industry professionals, students and those persons interested in starting and operating non-traditional businesses in greenhouse, urban agriculture, city and vertical farms.

Chris was also one of the founding partners of the non-profit Foundation for the Development of Controlled Environment Agriculture (FDCEA). FDCEA’s mission is to join current and future stakeholders of the controlled environment agriculture (CEA) industry to build a platform in which trusted and proven resources can be used to invest in the education and development of a shared industry. FDCEA’s first event, the International Conference on Controlled Environment Agriculture, occurred in 2 15 in Panama City, Panama.

This very successful conference brought together international speakers and participants involved in commercial horticulture. As an agri-preneur Chris is also invested in a variety of other companies. One that he is most proud of is Hort Americas, LLC (based in Bedford, Texas).

Hort Americas is a wholesale supply company focused on all aspects of the horticulture industry. With over 2 years of experience, Chris is dedicated to improving and expanding the horticulture and niche agriculture industries. He is inspired by the current opportunities for continued innovation in the field of controlled environment and urban ag.

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