APRIL 2023

Dawn Lippert

Dawn Lippert is CEO of Elemental Excelerator (EEx), a non-profit startup organization and one of the most active funders of startups solving urgent climate and environmental challenges. Each year EEx funds 15-20 companies up to $1 million each to improve systems that impact the planet and people’s lives: energy, water, agriculture, transportation, and beyond. Dawn initially started funding startups in Hawaii in 2009 and formed EEx in collaboration with Emerson Collective, the investment and philanthropic platform led by Laurene Powell Jobs, and has now supported over 100 companies. EEx is funded by a coalition of utility partners, corporate partners, philanthropic organizations, and the U.S. Navy.

At the nexus of innovation and public policy, Dawn served as Chair of the Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative Advisory Board, is a recipient of the 2015 C3E Award from the Clean Energy Ministerial and is a 2015 Omidyar Fellow. She founded WiRE (Women in Renewable Energy, a non-profit based in Hawaii) and serves on the board of Incubatenergy Network.