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“Don Hartsell is the first Commissioner for the World Air League (WAL). WAL is organizing the World Sky Race, the historic first race of airships to circle the planet. Hartsell is an advocate for a greener sustainable path using lighter-than-air airships as a disruptive alternative to major global infrastructure projects and their collateral destruction of the environment.

Hartsell has traveled the entire proposed World Sky Race route organizing local support and resources. This includes creating diverse alliances of Ministries and international organizations responsible for Environment, Economic Development, Tourism, Culture, Education, Youth, Sport, Foreign Affairs, Defense, Security and Aviation. Hartsell managed the agreements with the Admiralty for the Portuguese Navy to contribute ships and sailors to assist the airship teams in crossing the Atlantic Ocean. Hartsell lectured at the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology in Abu Dhabi on the global economic impact of sustainable lighter-than-air aviation engineering.

Hartsell participated at the World Economic Forum in Davos 2017 and 2019 presenting a profitable path for the global economy to expand by 2030 with an addition of $1.5 Trillion USD in commerce by deploying lighter-than-air freightliners from the Arctic and to Rainforest regions of the world.

Prior to his services for the World Air League, Hartsell was a successful businessman and inventor. He managed projects in the US, UK, Spain, Austria, Hungary, UAE, Malaysia and Australia. This spanned multinational technology development joint ventures with GE, Lockheed Martin, NASA, Hungarian Atomic Energy Commission, US Department of Energy and Library of Congress.

His projects have included the largest successful restoration of books in all of history for the City of Los Angeles Central Public Library. He managed the G7 Summit of Industrial Nations environmental systems for President George H.W. Bush, PM Thatcher, President Mitterand, PM Mulroney, Chan. Kohl, PM Kalfu and PM Andreotti. In 1999, he was recognized as co-inventor of one of the world’s top 100 inventions. He and his engineering team were nominated for the U.S. Presidential National Medal of Technology in 2000. He has presented at the White House and was an expert witness before Congress relating to environmental technology and economic development. He provided environmental expertise for the restorations of the Windsor Castle, Reichstag and Hofburg Palace.
Professional accreditations: Attorney (retired) and Certified Public Accountant (retired).
He is an inventor.
He is a Member of the Explorers Club.”

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