APRIL 2023

Harry Hamlin

Harry Hamlin is an American actor, author and entrepreneur born in Pasadena, California in 1951. Mr. Hamlin has BA degrees in Psychology and Drama from Yale University, and MFA from The American Conservatory Theater and was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship for acting in 1977. Mr. Hamlin’s film and television credits include CLASH OF THE TITANS, MAKING LOVE, LA LAW, SHAMELESS and MADMEN among many, many others. A member of the Academy of Motion Pictures since 1981, Mr. Hamlin has four Golden Globe nominations for best actor and one Emmy nomination for best Guest Actor for his role as Jim Cutler in MAD MEN.

Mr. Hamlin co-founded TAE Technologies, Inc., (formerly Tri Alpha Energy) in 1998 under the name C.B.F.R Inc., (Colliding Beam Fusion Reactor, Inc.), after having spent more than a decade promoting aneutronic fusion within the investment community and in Washington DC. Mr. Hamlin has served as Secretary of the company since its inception. TAE Technologies is the world’s leading privately funded aneutronic fusion energy research facility partnered with the University of California at Irvine and Google and is located in Foothill Ranch, California. The TAE Board of Directors includes Ernie Moniz, former Secretary of Energy and Jeff Immelt, former head of General Electric.

Mr. Hamlin whose father, Chauncey J. Hamlin Jr. worked with Wernher Von Braun at North American Aviation and was head of Rockedyne’s Jupiter Project, is an active member of the Board of Governors of The National Space Society and is an advocate of manned space development.

Mr. Hamlin’s tongue-in-cheek memoir, FULL FRONTAL NUDITY was published by Scribner in 2010. There is no mention of his film career in the book.

Mr. Hamlin Lives with his wife, Lisa Rinna in Los Angeles and has two children with her, Delilah Belle, 21 and Amelia Gray, 18. His son with Ursula Andress, Dimitri Alexander, 39, also lives in Los Angeles.