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James McGuire serves as the Director of Environmental Quality & Sustainability at the City of Dallas. He obtained his undergraduate degrees in Geology and English at Duke University, graduated with an M.S. in Geological Sciences from the University of Texas at Austin, and received his J.D. from Emory University School of Law.

At the City, he is responsible for City efforts and programs related to environmental compliance, enforcement, performance improvement, and innovation. He also frequently collaborates with environmental groups, state and federal agencies, and other stakeholders on issues related to air and water. Mr. McGuire is also responsible for Dallas’ commitment to emissions reduction and climate action.

Mr. McGuire regularly presents to city council and outside planning, public health, business, and environmental groups on Dallas’ innovative efforts. Through his work — including a recently concluded community-wide emissions inventory — the City of Dallas has been able to a show a 68% reduction in municipal emissions by 2 17 over 199 levels. Most recently, his department began developing the City’s comprehensive environmental and climate action plan (CECAP), a first-of-a-kind effort. The City is kicking off public engagement for the CECAP at EarthX 2 19.

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