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I have been developing my unique focus on environmental and water issues for over twenty years and am now a nationally recognized expert in these areas. I am the sole attorney of the McPherson LawFirm. I have intentionally chosen areas of law I enjoy, and have limited my practice to these areas.

Upon graduating from Washington & Lee University School of Law in 1990, I worked for five years with a large Dallas law firm, Mankoff, Hill, Held & Goldburg, PC. At Mankoff Hill I learned commercial real estate law, environmental law, lending and commercial law from some of the best Texas attorneys. Whereas many young lawyers in law firms work for departments, for most of his time at Mankoff Hill I worked for one attorney who mentored me not just in the law, but in all aspects of the practice, such as negotiating skills, and the psychology and momentum of transactions. It was an invaluable experience.

I resigned from Mankoff Hill in 1995 to begin may own practice, and have had a solo practice ever since. Realizing the crucial effect of environmental law and water rights on the value of real estate and businesses, and the need to bring land use and business experience to these areas, I have narrowed my practice over time to environmental law and water rights, and that has culminated in the tightly focused practice I have today.

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