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Dr. Mike Slattery is the Director of the Institute for Environmental Studies, Professor, and Chair of the Department of Environmental Sciences at Texas Christian University. He has written more than 9 scientific articles and published five editions of the book Contemporary Environmental Issues.

His teaching and research focuses on human impacts on the environment, including the impact of dams on large-scale river systems, the socio-economic and ecological impacts of utility-scale wind power development, air pollution and modelling, and rhino poaching in South Africa. In 2 7, Mike testified before the U.S. Congress on mercury contamination from coal-fired power plants and serves on the editorial boards of the Annals of the Association of American Geographers and AIMS Energy.

He has worked in diverse landscapes ranging from the Namib Desert in southern Africa to the cloud forests of Costa Rica where, in 2 8, he established a tropical research station. In 2 14, he launched the TCU Rhino Initiative, a program based in South Africa and focused on rhino poaching and community-based conservation. He lives with his family in Fort Worth.

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