APRIL 2023

Nina Webster

Nina Webster is the Western Regional Director at Amalgamated Bank. Nina joined Amalgamated during its acquisition of New Resource Bank (“NRB”) in 2018. As lead of Amalgamated’s Western Region Commercial Banking division, she is further building upon the bank’s position as America’s socially responsible bank. She is a trusted advisor to regional clients with her extensive knowledge of sustainability banking. She joined NRB in April, 2015 as a commercial banker in San Francisco then spent two years in Seattle building the bank’s presence in the Pacific Northwest. Nina currently sits in the Western Region’s San Francisco office and has a unique combination of banking experience and passion for socially responsible finance. She manages a portfolio of key clients including B Corps, organic food products, health and wellness, affordable housing, sustainable technology, unions and non-profits. Before joining New Resource Bank, Nina held various positions at Wells Fargo in the San Francisco, Washington DC, and Los Angeles areas. She began her career in Chicago with ABN-AMRO Bank. Nina is very passionate about sustainability and serves on the Board of the Factory Farming Awareness Coalition.