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“Sophie Ansel is a French storyteller, environmentalist, and human rights defender.
She works in a variety of media (VR, books, graphic novels, TV, cinema, and radio) to create stories with impact. She is the director and producer of Out of the Blue, a VR film narrated by ocean explorer Sylvia Earle and has worked on numerous VR conservation films who have toured at the United Nations and around the world.

Her new graphic novel Burmese Moons will be released in June 2 19 in the USA by IDW Publishing and her new book “First they erased our name: Rohingya” will be published in September 2 19 in UK/US/AUstralia. Her passion for education has brought her to be commissioned by the European Commission in 2 18 to create a program aimed at Tunisian journalists to teach them to create stories in virtual reality. She is currently creating an education program to teach children about the impact of social media in conflicts.

Sophie lived several years in Southeast Asia and has worked as a Filmmaker and TV journalist directing pieces in Burma, Cambodia and Indonesia for French Television. She has been field producer, photographer, and camera operator for the Sundance and Emmy award-winning film Chasing Coral.”

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