APRIL 2023

Vince Romanin

Vince Romanin is the CEO of Treau, making climate control cool again. Vince earned his PhD from UC Berkeley, where he focused on heat transfer and fluid mechanics of microturbines for small-scale solar combined heat and power. Vince has 4 years of experience working in the solar industry, for Abengoa, Sunfolding, and Otherlab, before joining Cyclotron Road’s Cohort 3 to focus on the next big climate challenge, decarbonizing building heating and cooling. Treau plans to achieve this by increasing the efficiency of heating and cooling systems by 50%, removing harmful refrigerants, and electrifying the heating sector, all of which combined can offset about 2 GtCO2/year, or 7% of our total emissions today. Treau’s first product is an easier-to-install and easier-to-use room air conditioner that is quiet and gives you your window back.