DALLAS (June 25, 2019) – EarthX gathered global influencers to explore how business and ranching are working to advocate for wildlife and wild places at the Buckminster Fuller Banquet: Celebrating Global Impact, and the Lewis & Clark Expedition Banquet: Celebrating Ranching and Wildlife Conservation. Both events were held as part of the ninth annual EarthX in Dallas, which brought together more than 177,000 humans interested in creating a more sustainable world for future generations.

At the Buckminster Fuller Banquet, EarthX welcomed Joel Sartore, 2018 National Geographic Explorer of the Year; and Michael Levy, CEO of Crow Holdings. The Lewis & Clark Expedition Banquet featured Kaddu Sebunya, CEO of The African Wildlife Foundation; and Nic Bach, Marine Biologist at Roatan Marine Park.

“In 200 years, people will look back on this particular period and say to themselves, ‘How did those people allow all of those amazing creatures to vanish?’,” said Sartore at the Buckminster Banquet. “But there would be little use in anybody exerting all this energy to save wild places if people are not being educated into being better stewards. There’s still a lot left that’s worth fighting for.”

Both business and ranching occupy a unique potential to have far-reaching and long-standing environmental impacts good and bad. Rather than exclusively lamenting past transgressions, EarthX encouraged those occupying a large amount of the planet’s land to have a productive conservation about examining the past and taking action now.

“Africa is at a crossroads,” said Sebunya at the Lewis & Clark Banquet. “The need for additional infrastructure, as well as land for agriculture and human settlement, is real. The negotiation between space for wildlife and space for human beings is happening today. Africa is now making real choices about where development will need to occur. What areas of Africa should be protected, and which ones should be developed. What’s the role of wildlife and wild lands in Africa’s development? Those questions are being answered today.”

Earthx2019 included three days of exhibitions, a film festival, music, entertainment, learning experiences, discussions, forums, and conferences. Following Earthx2019, EarthX announced three early stage start-ups focused on cleantech were awarded a collective $300,000 at the EarthxE-Capital Summit, tripling the initial award offering of $100,000. Earthx2020 will be held April 24 – 26, 2020 in Dallas.