Speakers highlight humanity’s common future and collective responsibility to work in solidarity with indigenous peoples and preserve Amazonia

On February 18, EarthX will present a two-hour special, called “Protecting the Amazon” to focus on the vital issue of the demarcation of indigenous lands and the health emergency of Covid-19 in the Amazon territories.

In a rare event, indigenous voices and allies, including some of the world’s biggest players in conservation, come together on a virtual global stage to highlight our common duty to the rainforest. Watch the premiere at 1pm CST on EarthxTV.

EarthX founder, Trammell S. Crow voiced his concern. “It will be a long time before all of the effects of Covid-19 are understood, but we already know the effect it is having on the indigenous communities of the Amazon,” said Mr. Crow. “It’s time to give a voice to protect vulnerable tribal populations and defend the boundaries of the Amazon’s indigenous lands.”

 The Amazon is in dire straits | The current rate of development, deforestation and climate change are estimated to cause the rainforest to collapse by 2064. If we expect to shift this pattern, global united action is imperative, and indigenous communities are poised to lead. One solution that can facilitate united grassroots action is distinctly demarcating indigenous lands to protect both precious ecosystems and native communities — a method that will be debated during the program.

The forest faces ecocide, deforestation and fires — each of which has increased during the pandemic and its corresponding economic crisis — as well as the effects of climate change and a controversial Brazilian federal policy. Given this bleak picture, organizations from across the globe have come together to amplify indigenous voices and perspectives, their stories and indispensable wisdom, during “Protecting the Amazon.”

Partnering with EarthX are Planète Amazone and Amazon Watch associations, the Leopold III Fund for the Exploration and Conservation of Nature and the Federation of the Huni Kui People of Acre (FEPHAC).

Viewers will be immersed in the beauty and significance of the Amazon and its critical ecosystems, all while meeting the people of the land, learning about knotted politics and listening to passionate community leaders and conservationists. The special will point the way toward a just, sustainable future built together.

Notable Speakers | Among the featured indigenous speakers and allies are legendary environmentalists such as Chief Raoni Metuktire and Jane Goodall, as well as leading environmental and community advocates and activists including Co-Founder of the Rainforest Fund Dr. Franca Sciuto, President of the Federation of the Huni Kui people Chief Ninawa Huni-Kui and spokeswoman of the Guarani-Kaiowá people Valdelice Veron.

Other esteemed speakers who will present the threats toward the Amazon and its communities and share solutions include indigenous rights defender and Ecuadorian Sarayaku leader Patricia Gualinga, former French Environment Minister Nicolas Hulot, Founder of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Paul Watson and Co-Founder and Executive Director of Stop Ecocide International Jojo Mehta and international model and climate activist, Arizona Muse.

Co-hosting are Gert-Peter Bruch (part of whose Terra Libre will be unveiled during the special), Princess Esmeralda of Belgium, Mindahi Bastida and Leila Salazar-López.

Effective Action for the Amazon | The international community’s attempts to nurture a healthier Amazon have thus far failed. Even a historic agreement by the G7 nations to protect Brazil’s forests and indigenous peoples in 1992, with its half a billion dollars, has done little to turn the tide. “Protecting the Amazon” aims to finally spur effective action by raising awareness, instilling a sense of global collective responsibility and setting forth actionable solutions for the medium term.

Viewers of all ages are invited to experience this rare coming together of prominent Amazonian indigenous leaders and their allies to prompt real change. Learn more about the program and tune in at EarthxTV.org.


Planète Amazone fights alongside the indigenous peoples of the Amazon for the preservation of forests and life and is part of the Alliance of Guardians of Mother Nature, a movement in favor of peace and future generations which it has fostered. The NGO will release its film Terra Libre in 2021, which traces 30 years of Cacique Raoni’s fight for the demarcation of indigenous lands, a central theme of the program broadcast on February 18, 2021.

Amazon Watch is a non-profit organization founded in 1996 to protect the rainforest and advance the rights of indigenous peoples in the Amazon Basin. She works in partnership with indigenous and environmental organizations on campaigns for human rights, corporate responsibility and the preservation of Amazonian ecological systems.

The Leopold III Fund for Nature Exploration and Conservation is a non profit organization founded in 1972 to promote the scientific study and protection of nature. It helps finance missions around the world which aim to study and protect biodiversity as well as indigenous communities living close to nature. The scientific archives of King Leopold III, kept at the Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, contains innumerable photographic documents of great scientific and historical value.

The Acre State Huni Kui People’s Federation is a non-profit organization established in 2006 by the leaders of the 12 lands to better organize the governance of the Huni Ku people. Its mission is to defend the rights, seek the unification, strengthening, development and sustainability of the people, protect their intangible cultural property, traditional knowledge of sacred medicines, Huni Kui education, the environment and the territory. , and bring communities together through local associations and organizations.