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EarthX will have several art displays at our event this year, each illustrating in their own way the interaction of humans and our environment.


Chip Thomas is a physician and artist that works in the Navajo Nation, and in his black-and-white portraits he depicts how the environment touches the every day lives of the Navajo people. Thomas will exhibit a 15×20’ art wall depicting a young girl from the Navajo Nation raking corn.

Izk Davies will be highlighting the impact plastic has on the environment in his art installation of stretched plastic around trees. We invite you to watch the creation of the installation in progress.

Elaine Mató will have her artwork featured in partnership with Ndaba Mandela and the Africa Rising Foundation in our Sclavoi-Razz-Ma-Tazz_African Landscape exhibition. Mató focuses on the African Cycad, a tree which represents the sustainabililty of life. Her artwork will be available for auction for which 50% of the proceeds will go to EarthX and 50% will go to the Africa Rising Foundation.

The Trinity River Audubon Center and The Dallas Morning News will present a collection of photographs of the natural history of the Trinity River, a migratory freeway and a home for birds and humans.

In addition to these art exhibits, there will be a 3 hour BlockPrinting workshop and a live silkscreening demonstration where you can bring a shirt and walk away with an image in addition to a free poster from the demonstration.

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