Over the course of several years, EarthX has highlighted the benefits of nuclear energy.

We have enjoyed notable speakers such as Rick Perry, when he was head of the Department of Energy and several leading scientists from major Department of Energy labs.

One of the major challenges the nuclear energy field faces is how to dispose of spent nuclear fuel. Yucca Mountain project has lagged for decades being a hot political football. EarthX had the privilege of hosting Rich Mueller Ph.D. and his daughter Liz Mueller to present their unique system of storing nuclear fuel deep in the ground, near where the fuel is spent and used. This system eliminates the need for cross country travel and possibility of a nuclear incident while in transport.

EarthX was able, through our relationships at the Department of Energy, to have the DOE officials visit during their early tests in South Texas. As a result of these positive tests, deep isolation made significant process in solving the difficult problem of nuclear waste storage in the United States and worldwide.