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March for Science Youth Summit

Bringing youth together to mobilize advocates around the world to support science-informed public policies.

Eco-Art Competition

Calling All Artists K-12. Use your creativity to help sustain our world! Enter the Eco-Art Competition for Student Artists in grades K-12, and take on the challenge of creating a piece of art, either 2-D or 3-D, using any medium or combination of media, that illustrates the EarthX theme: Our Earth, Our Home.


Tree Man

National Geographic Explorers

Meet the esteemed Explorers and Leaders of National Geographic live and in person. Listen and learn as they share their exciting experiences from expeditions to remote destinations around the globe, and knowledge they have gained along the way.

Soap Box

Got something to say about the environment? This is your chance to sound off, and speak your mind about sustainability, conservancy, or any other topic or idea that moves you. Keep it clean and let your voice be heard!

Bike Area

E-Bikes are here in a big way. From cargo bikes to city bikes, messenger bikes to mountain bikes, road bikes and even beach cruisers, there is something for everyone. They make the joy of cycling accessible to so many people in so many ways. Plus they're a blast to ride. If you haven't tested one yet, do yourself a favor.


Cub Reporters

Film Series

Hemp Pavilion & Stage

Join EarthX for an exciting, educational weekend exploring the environmental benefits of hemp-based products. EarthxHemp highlights hemp industrial products ranging from highly sustainable hemp products such as food, household items, and personal products.

Colorado Pavilion & Stage

A national leader in nature conservancy, Colorado is not only home to some of our nations most breathtaking scenic vistas, it is also a state that focuses on far-sighted solutions to eco-challenges that combine science and creativity. By working together, they chart Colorado’s future and inspire people to take action.

Air & Climate Exhibit

Water Exhibit

Live Music

Music inspired by nature, our world, the climate and the drive to sustain and conserve it. Performances that help define and underscore the natural interdependence that fuels all life.

City of Dallas Youth Symposium


A 24-hour codefest, EarthxHack is the world's largest environmental innovation competition. We're sitting at the intersection of innovation, technology, and the environment – a platform for creating groundbreaking solutions by utilizing the brightest technical minds focusing on solutions for tomorrow. Events include the EarthxHackathon, EarthxHack Tic Toc – Learn and Dream, and EarthxHackTalks.


Trash Rage VR Video Game Competition

Solar Car Challenge

See full-size, roadworthy solar race cars, designed and built by students who participate in some of the most engaging and challenging high school science programs available. Race for bragging rights, or test drive one yourself.

National Geographic Exhibit

An educational and informative exhibit about the National Geographic commitment to exploring and protecting our planet and teaching others to do the same.

Pledge Stations

Garden Theater

This garden amphitheater will host reading times for kids as a well as educational puppet shows.

School Field Trips

Bring your class or the entire school for a field trip to EXPO-EarthX2020. It is a learning environment that will get them excited about protecting the earth and teach them hundreds of ways they can make it a part of their lives.


EarthXR Mixed Reality Virtual Reality Augmented Reality EXPERIENCE REALITY
Mixed Reality • Virtual Reality • Augmented Reality • EXPERIENCE REALITY
Go on wild, immersive journeys, like swimming with dolphins, dancing with flamingos, exploring remote islands and defending wildlife in the African jungle. Experience scores of Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality projects and educational workshops in our interactive zone and throughout the Expo.

Latin America Pavilion & Stage

Latin America is home to some of the world's most awesome eco-treasures. From the Meso-American Barrier Reef and the Rainforests of Costa Rica, to the crystal clear cenotes and underground rivers of the Yucatan and the amazing amalgam of biodiversity that makes up the Amazon Jungles, Latin America has a wealth of natural wonders.

Energy Exhibit

Wildlife Exhibit

Transportation Exhibit

Art Exhibit

Face Painting

National Geographic Youth Program

Tik Tok Challenge at Hackathon

Green Speaker Series Stages

Expert speakers and panelists talk about a wide range of topics ranging from everything from electric cars to bee pollination. They share ideas and knowledghe on breakthrough innovations, practical home remedies, and other ways to begin building a sustainable future.

Art 4 Dumpsters

The City of Dallas Office of Environmental Quality and Sustainability brings DISD schools to transform a blank dumpster into a piece of art that will shine a light on the importance of recycling.

Kids Green Library

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Petition Booth

Tiny Houses

Buildings contribute to about 1/3 of greenhouse gas emissions. Living small means living more sustainably. Tour tiny homes, including a Hemp Tiny House and learn more about this popular lifestyle.

EarthxFilm Competition

The Planet is Calling You! Will you answer the call? In 15-50 seconds, tell your story in a video about why you will take the pledge to protect the planet.

Canada Pavilion & Stage

Visit and learn what Canadians are doing to protect their country’s most precious natural places. Proudly Canadian, they are empowering people to safeguard the lands and waters that sustain life in their most natural, unspoiled regions.

Conservation Pavilion & Stage

EarthxConservation Mission: Establish a forum to create policy for conservation of all species as well as the environment at both the national and international levels. EarthX explores the significant role of hunters, fishermen and women, farmers, ranchers and landowners on conservation as a whole.

Food Exhibit

Oceans Exhibit



IN 2020 / MARCH FOR SCIENCE will build upon the momentum of the UN Youth Climate Summit and UN Conference of Youth by hosting a global youth summit whose success will be defined by how much delegates receive meaningful support – both during the event and beyond. The summit will be held at EarthX (Dallas, Texas) the weekend following the global days of action surrounding the 50th anniversary of Earth Day.

Event Details

Hosted at EarthX, “The World’s Largest Environmental Experience”
DALLAS, TEXAS – APRIL 24-26, 2020