Virtual Field Trips

Virtual Field Trips

  • Designed as extensions to our free K-12 Environmental STEAM Curriculum
  • Curated from our many EarthX partners
  • 5-10-minute videos leading students to contemplate possible environmental solutions
  • New additions to library added monthly January-April, 2021

Each video includes a brief lesson overview including :

  • Lesson Goal
  • Overview
  • Vocabulary
  • Guiding Questions
  • Standards (Both Next Generation Science Standards and Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills)


A Summer On Golden Pond

How to Recycle

Composting Food Waste

How Do Hurricane Hunters Track Storms?

Grade 5

Plastic Seas – Plastic Solutions

What’s the Catch? Engineering Solutions

Effects of Urbanization on Wetlands Function

The Land Bridge at the Phil Hardberger Park

Grade 6

Waste-to-Energy Facility Virtual Tour

Urban Trees and Climate Adaptation

Green Building Challenge

Virgin Hyperloop Experience

Grade 8

Sea Turtles and Their Ecosystem

Beyond the Dead Zone Pt. 2

Sustainable, Off-Grid Energy from Free-Flowing Rivers

Managing Invasive Species