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StoryTime Planet! – ON DEMAND

July 4, 2021 - April 2, 2022


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Program Description: Storytime will focus on books that have an environmental message. The books will cover many subjects from waste and recycling, animal habitats, gardening, environmental activists, oceans and marine life, renewable energy, and guide children in taking simple steps to preserve our planet. Children will be transported inside the book, with colorful graphics led by Ms. A, and her faithful reading companion, Penny the Panda.

Ep. 01 – The Forest Man

Episode Description: This is the true story of how one young boy dedicated his life to creating and cultivating an expansive forest that continues to grow to this day. Jadav Payeng’s inspirational story shows how one person’s contributions can make a difference in helping to save our environment. Be transported inside this beautifully illustrated book, as Ms. A, our Storytime host, entertains our youngest earthlings alongside her faithful reading companion Penny the Panda. 

Duration: 15 min

Click here to purchase “The Forest Man”

Book:​ ​The Forest Man: The True Story of Jadav Payeng
Illustrator: ​ Anne Matheson, Kay Widdowson

Ep. 02 – Trees, Loving Green Giant

Episode Description: This episode features “Who will Plant a Tree” by Jerry Pollotta and “We Planted a Tree”, written by Diane Muldrow explore all the unique ways trees find a home. From creatures great and small to boys and girls around the world, all participate in nature’s cyclical dance in the planting of a tree.

Duration: 15 min

Purchase “Who Will Plant a Tree?”

Book:​ Who Will Plant a Tree
Author:​ Jerry Pallotta
Illustrator: Tom Leonard

Purchase “We Planted a Tree”

Book:​ We Planted a Tree
Author: Diane Muldrow
Illustrator: Bob Staake

Ep. 03- Greener Together

Episode Description: The book titled, “Not For Me, Please! I Choose to Act Green.” is told through the eyes of a little boy named Luke – he is a wise, confident, and caring young boy who learns he has a big impact on the world around him. Using his helpful phrase, “Not for me, please!” he shares examples of how we can choose to act green. During this reading, interesting facts, definitions and statistics reinforce all the green choices Luke continues to make. Fun and playful this episode encourages children to consider the impact on marine life, recycling, and overconsumption.

Purchase “Not for Me Please! I choose to Act Green?”

Book:​ ​Not for Me Please! I choose to Act Green.
Author:​ ​Maria Godsey
Illustrator: ​ Christoph J Kellner

Ep. 04 – The Last Tree

Episode Description: A beautiful story about the importance, care, and preservation of trees, and the small steps we can all take to care for the planet.
One night, the last tree in the forest decides it’s time to uproot and leave. A little boy soon realizes what is happening… All the trees have disappeared. A boy learns what consequences this will have for animals, humans, and the environment, he sets off to counteract the damage that has already been done.

Duration: 15 min

Purchase “The Last Tree”

Book:​ ​The Last Tree.
Author:​ ​María Quintana Silva and Silvia Álvarez

Ep. 05 – Water Wise

Episode Description: Have you ever wondered where raindrops come from or why water is precious? During this episode, we listen to two stories that teach us how to be water wise. In the book, “Why Should I Save Water?”, boys and girls are told about dozens of ways in which they and their families can avoid wasting water.
The second book, “This Raindrop has a Billion Stories to Tell”, is a beautiful tale following a raindrop’s journey on Earth; from the time of the dinosaurs to the creation of the earliest cities and beyond. Colorful and playful, these charming books encourage children to conserve and love this precious resource.

Duration: 15 min

Purchase “Why Should I Save Water?”

Book:​ ​Why Should I Save Water?
Author:​ ​Jen Green

Illustrator: Mike Gordon

Purchase “​This Raindrop has a Billion Stories to Tell”

Book:​ ​This Raindrop has a Billion Stories to Tell
Author:​ ​Linda Ragsdale

Illustrator:Srimalie Bassani

Thank you for your shared commitment to storytelling, and sustainability. The power of books can connect us all. To enjoy the titles read aloud during this episode of Story Time Planet! Please visit the website to purchase your own copy.


July 4, 2021
April 2, 2022
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