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Pollution Elimination Strategies

Originally Streamed Tuesday, May 12th, 2020, 12:00 PM CDT


QCI is a Pollution Elimination Technology company who has developed systems that re-mine, reform, and refines the valuable molecules out of the world’s largest pollution waste streams.  Our technologies provide a brand-new purpose, value, and use for all end-of-life Municipal Solid Waste (garbage), Waste Plastic, and Scrap Tires, along with the complete removal of harmful particulates and pathogens in emission streams. These unique processes eliminate the major pollution problems such as; poisonous leachate, greenhouse gases, odors, ocean plastic, CO2, VOC’s, and many others, while providing the ultimate solution for every nation. QCI technologies operate perfectly clean, off-the-grid, and provide a highly profitable solution, for the first time in history, delivering the best answer for municipalities, governments, waste and recycling companies in all regions globally.

Presented by
Dean P. Rose

Dean P. Rose is founder and CEO of QCI Pollution Elimination Technologies which has developed the leading solutions for the world’s largest waste pollution problems.  Prior to QCI, Mr. Rose lead a highly successful career atop several public and private companies in the global business intelligence, nano-technology, and software industries.