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World Climate Forum – Asia

October 15, 2020 , 1:30 pm - 3:15 pm CDT

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ENCORE!: Originally aired October 13th, 2020

World Climate Forum Asia (WCF Asia) 2020 will bring together key climate and industry stakeholders in exploring new opportunities in the fast growing Asia Pacific market. The Forum will focus on ways the public and private sector can innovate, collaborate and scale local and international solutions to navigate Asia’s transition to a clean economy. The key drivers highlighted across the sessions are finance, policy, innovation and partnerships.


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Hosts: Rebecca Mikula-Wright, Cristina Gamboa, Justin Wu 

Participants: Dr. Armida Salsiah Alisjahbana, Marco Lambertini, Bamban Susantono Sengupta, Tom Howes, Allen Ge, Subbu Kanakasabapathy, Juliette Macresy, Shalini Singh, Tony Cripps


Opening Session: Capturing Investment Opportunities in the Clean Energy Revolution – Navigating Asia’s Transition – LINK TO WEBSITE

About Session: Reaching net-zero emissions will require drastic changes to investments, especially as economies focus on economic pandemic recovery. Capturing investment opportunities in the just, net-zero transition is crucial to accelerating the correct path towards a low-carbon economy. As outlined in a recent report by Asia Investor Group on Climate Change, investor appetite for climate investment opportunities in Asia is strong and the transition to a low-carbon economy is accelerating as the growing impact of increasing physical climate impact becomes apparent. This session will seek to explore the low-carbon investment opportunities emerging in Asia’s clean energy landscape.


Building Sustainability – Strengthening the Case for Climate Resilient Infrastructure – LINK TO WEBSITE

About Session: As buildings become more and more affected by the physical impacts of climate variability and change, they also can play an essential role in adapting to create resilience to those impacts. Climate-resilient infrastructure must be planned, designed, built and operated in a way that anticipates, prepares for, and adapts to changing climate conditions. This session will focus on how climate-resilient new and existing infrastructure should be prioritised, and the actions required from both the public and private sector to implement the required changes. What are the remaining challenges and proven good approaches to strengthening infrastructure to become climate-resilient?


Closing session: Catalyzing the Post-Pandemic Recovery – Pathways to Sustainable Value Creation – LINK TO WEBSITE

About Session: Fundamental to a transformational and green recovery is early action. It is imperative that swift measures are taken to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement. On a longer-term agenda, the COVID-19 recovery must keep sustainable economies in mind, in line with Green New Deals, to ensure a just transition. ESG factors provide a useful framework within which sustainable value creation can take place and, along with sustainability-focused business practices, contribute to achieving a green economic recovery. This session will focus on current methods and tools that are leading the way in sustainable value creation, from post-pandemic recovery towards global green realignment and climate action by 2030.


October 15, 2020
1:30 pm - 3:15 pm CDT
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