When you think of the trailblazers in environmentally conscious thought leadership, you might not think of the oil and gas industry – but you haven’t met Ryan Sitton.

ryan sitton imageThis year at EarthX we are proud to have oil and gas engineering expert and small business owner, Ryan Sitton as a speaker at our Responsible Oil & Gas Conference. A Texas native and graduate of Texas A&M, Ryan and his wife founded PinnacleART, an engineering and technology company that concentrates on developing reliable programs in the oil, gas, petrochemical, mining, pharmaceutical and wastewater industries.

In 2014, Sitton was the first engineer to be elected to the Texas Railroad commission in 50 years. He was recognized as one of the 40 most influential people under 40 in the Houston area and the youngest to be identified as a distinguished Engineering Alumnus by Texas A&M. Sitton is considered a leading expert in energy markets, production and regulations. He has worked with several of the world’s largest and most complex companies providing insight as one of the foremost authorities on integrity programs and risk analysis.