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EXPO – Earthx2019
The World’s Largest Environmental Experience.
April 24, 2020 • 6:30PM – 11:00PM
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To Achieve Lasting Change


 Your Voice. Your Ideas. Your Energy. Your Exhibits.

EXPO-Earthx2020 is a place where environmentally conscious organizations, businesses, institutions, and attendees gather to have fun learning about conservation and sustainable solutions that will make a difference. As The World’s Largest Environmental Experience, it is the perfect place for companies and organizations whose business involves conservation, sustainability and the health and well being of our planet to showcase their ideas, products, services and new technologies to an audience of nearly 175,000 attendees..

Spread Your Message to an Eager Audience of Earth Advocates.

EarthX advocates are passionate about the cause and willing and eager to learn about the things your company or organization are doing to protect the earth and insure a sustainable future.

This gathering of concerned citizens, educators, businesses, nonprofits, and global leaders at the world’s largest environmental experience also includes many newbies, curious learners, and first-timers and is the perfect place to spread the word.


Educate and Inform in Fun and Engaging Ways.

Earthx2020 offers both a powerful business networking forum and an engaging family-friendly exposition experience. Attendees will learn about eco-friendly products, how to better utilize available resources, and connect with nonprofit environmental organizations. This is a unique opportunity to reach a high concentration of people who can help build your business or further your cause. Sign up today to exhibit at Earthx2020 and let the world know about your organization’s commitment to sustainable practices.





Exhibitor Photos

ORGANIZATION TYPE (SIZE)EARLY BIRD 6/1/19 -11/30/19STANDARD 12/1/19 -4/15/19
College & University (Enrollment > O)$700$800
College & University (Enrollment > 10k) $1,050$1,250
Commercial (Revenue > $0) $900$1,150
Commercial (Revenue > $500k) $1,600$1,900
Commercial (Revenue > S5m) $2,500$3,200
Government Agencies (Federal) $0$0
Government Agencies (State) $550$650
Government Agencies (Local) $350$450
Non-Profit (Annual Budget > $0) $450$550
Non-Profit (Annual Budget > $100k) $750$850
Non-Profit (Annual Budget > $500k) $1,150$1,350
Non-Profit (Annual Budget > $5m) $1,350$1,550
K-12 Schools (Public) $0$0
K-12 Schools (Private) $750$850
Trade Associations $450$550
Food Vendor $650$750

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