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EarthXR – a division of EarthxFilm – returns at EXPO Earthx2020. EarthXR uses AR, MR and VR to take visitors on wild immersive journeys – diving with endangered whales, surfing with dolphins, taking care of rescued baby elephants, exploring outer space with NASA, and exploring the most remote areas of the earth – all in virtual and augmented realityEarthXR, will present over 50 virtual, augmented and mixed reality projects and educational workshops where audiences can explore nature, experience adventure and protect endangered species and the planet – all through the the most exciting emerging art, media and technologies.

Guardians of the Kingdom EarthXR AR AI VR Earthx2020
Guardians of the Kingdom
WORLD PREMIERE | DIRs: Christophe Bailhache, Sophie Ansel

Duration: 12 min.
In the waters of Tonga, a kingdom once torn apart is now reconnecting whales to humans for a future together in the place they all call home. There, a dramatic legacy inherited by a mother is passed onto future generations. Narrated by “Her Deepness” National Geographic Explorer – Sylvia Earle.

Underwater Earth, Vulcan Productions, Seaview 360, Global Mana Foundation, Projects for Good, ITRAMAS, Spinifex Group

www.guardiansofthekingdom.org | www.underwater.earth

The Elephant Keeper EarthXR AR VR AI Earthx2020
Conservation International
Director: Adam May

Duration: 5 min.
Feed and care for a baby elephant in Northern Kenya in this tactile, interactive VR experience. Form a deep and personal connection as you nurse “Dudu” back to health and discover how one community is reknitting the bonds that have long enabled people and wildlife to coexist.

Conservation International, Reteti Elephant Sanctuary, Vision 3

My Africa EarthXR AI AR VR Earthx2020
Conservation International
My Africa
Director: David Allen

Duration: 9 min.
Narrated by Academy Award-winning Actress Lupita Nyong’o, My Africa takes viewers to an elephant sanctuary in Kenya, where a community is creating a place where humans and animals can once again coexist.

Conservation International, The Tiffany & Co. Foundation, Reteti Elephant Sanctuary, Passion Planet, Vision 3, Glassybaby


Tree Huggers EarthXR AI VR AR Earthx2020
360 Labs
Director: Matt Rowell

Duration: 6 min.
Climb to the top of Portland Oregon’s tallest tree in this immersive 360 experience, where the view is spectacular from the top of a towering 246’ Douglas Fir in Forest Park. Expedition Old Growth, a local company, takes participants of all ages on recreational tree climbs with the goal to help them experience, learn and appreciate the forest. Founder and owner of Expedition Old Growth, Damien Carre, explains how this life-changing experience works and why it means so much to him. As a skilled arborist, Carre has dedicated his life’s work to trees.
360 Labs

As It Is EarthXR AI AR VR Earthx2020
360 Labs
Director: Thomas Hayden

Duration: 15 min.
Journey down the mighty Colorado River to see the Grand Canyon as too few do, from the bottom looking up. Run it’s biggest whitewater rapids, explore its narrow slot canyons, and meet the indigenous activists working to protect it from a controversial development proposal that would bring as many as 10,000 people a day to the Confluence, one of the most sacred sites in the Canyon.

360 Labs, Western River Expeditions, The Echo Lab, Tag-Team Audio

Fire in our Backyard EarthXR AI AR VR Earthx2020
360 Labs
The Fire in our Backyard
Director: Thomas Hayden

Duration: 11 min.
The Columbia River Gorge is one of the Pacific Northwest’s most amazing natural wonders. To those of us in Oregon, it’s like our backyard. We spend our Summers backpacking, camping, hiking, fishing, paddling and kiteboarding there. When a destructive wildfire was started near the Eagle Creek Trailhead on Labor Day weekend of 2017, we all watched in shock and horror as nearly 50,000 acres in the Gorge were engulfed in flames.


Free Solo National Geographic EarthXR AI AR VR Earthx2020
Free Solo
National Geographic | Directors: Jimmy Chin and E. Chai Vasarhelyi

Duration: 12 min.
The short film, created in partnership with award-winning filmmakers E. Chai Vasarhelyi and Jimmy Chin, who directed the critically acclaimed feature documentary Free Solo, captures the experience of free soloist climber Alex Honnold as he prepares to achieve his lifelong dream: climbing the face of the world’s most famous rock, the 3,200-foot El Capitan in Yosemite National Park…without a rope.

Framestore, National Geographic, Little Monster Films


Ghost Fleet EarthXR AI AR VR Earthx2020
Ghost Fleet VR
Directors: Lucas Gath and Shannon Service

Duration: 8 min.
Ghost Fleet VR immerses viewers in the true story of slavery in the Thai fishing industry. Based on the feature documentary, Ghost Fleet, which exposes the dark side of illegal fishing and the heroes working to end it. Enter the heroic story of Tun Lin, who was kidnapped when he was 14. He retraces his ordeal, years of horrific treatment on board the slave ship, and his brave escape from a prison made of water.

Catovia, Seahorse Productions and Vulcan Productions Film

catovia.com | seahorseproductions.org | vulcan.com

Last Whisper EarthXR AI AR VR Earthx2020
Last Whispers
Director: Lena Herzog

Duration: 7 min.
At an unprecedented speed faster than the extinction of most endangered species, we are losing our linguistic diversity—and the very means by which we know ourselves. This immersive oratorio is an invocation of the languages that have gone extinct and an incantation of those that are endangered.

Emblematic Group, UNESCO, NASA, SOAS University of London, The Endangered Languages Documentation Programme

www.lastwhispers.org | emblematicgroup.com

Living with Jaguars EarthXR AI AR VR Earthx2020
The Atomic Tree
Directors: Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee and Adam Loften

Duration: 10 min.
The Atomic Tree leads you on an immersive journey through the memories within the Yamaki pine, a 400-year-old Japanese White Pine bonsai tree that survived the Atomic blast at Hiroshima. Viewers experience the intricate “living strands of relationship” woven between the human and non-human worlds in the places the tree has lived. What are the connections and conversations that exist within the memories of the tree to help us regain kinship with the natural world?

Global Oneness Project


As It Is
Living with Jaguars
Directors: Patrick McGuire and Jeff Orlowski

Duration: 20 min.
The Pantanal, a vast tropical wetland in Brazil, is home to wild jaguars who prey on ranchers’ cattle. The ranchers kill jaguars to protect their herds. Today, jaguars are
considered near threatened and are thought to occupy only about 50 percent of their historic range.

Occupied VR, VICE, Canada Media Fund, MOTHERBOARD, Ontario Media Development Corporation

occupiedvr.com | vice.com

Shark Water VR EarthXR AI AR VR Earthx2020
Sharkwater VR
Director: Rob Stewart

Duration: 10 min.
SHARKWATER VR is a revolutionary VR Experience that accompanies the upcoming feature documentary, Sharkwater Extinction. By taking audiences on a jaw-dropping underwater adventure, viewers will gain a deep understanding of sharks and their importance in our world.By putting shark exploration in the hands of the viewer, we are immersed in the underwater world the director, Rob Stewart, loved so much and to which he dedicated his life.

Occupied VR, Sharkwater


As It Is
The 500
Director: Sam Rowley

Duration: 12 min.
The 500 is the story of one man dedicated to saving one of the world’s most endangered species. With fewer than 500 individuals, the Ethiopian wolf is on the brink of extinction. For Alo the wolves are family, needing protection for years to come. He knows the importance of inspiring the next generation, namely his daughter, Billy, to love wolves like he does.

A Day in Djuma EarthXR AI AR VR Earthx2020
The 500
A Day in Djuma
Directors: Josk Arbon, Sam Rowley, Rollo Wood, Ted Savile

Duration: 13 min.
Travel with the safariLIVE team to The Kruger National Park in South Africa. National Geographic presenters, Brent Leo-Smith and Jamie Paterson, will be your guides as they take you into the heart of the African bush from dawn to dusk on a game drive. On the hunt for lions you’ll discover some of Africa’s wildest animals along the way.

Jaunt, safariLIVE, Biome, WildEarth South Africa


Cassini's Grand Finale EarthXR AI AR VR Earthx2020
NASA – Cassini’s Grand Finale
Director: Erik Wernquist

Duration: 2 min.
Dive between Saturn and its rings with NASA’s Cassini spacecraft in the final chapter of its mission. In this 360-degree visualization, you are traveling along with the spacecraft at tens of thousands of miles per hour as it makes one of 22 planned dives through this unexplored gap.

NASA Jet Propulsion Lab

Call of Science EarthXR AI AR VR Earthx2020
NASA – Call of Science

Duration: 9 min.
Join NASA scientists for a 360-degree view of our planet as they head into the field to study ice in Greenland and coral reefs in Hawaii. Stand with scientists on Arctic ice, fly above the ice sheet as part of Operation IceBridge, then head to Hawaii to dive into Kaneohe Bay.

NASA Jet Propulsion Lab


The Okavango Experience EarthXR AI AR VR Earthx2020
The Okavango Experience
Created by National Geographic Partners

Duration: 6 min.
One of the most biodiverse places on Earth, the Okavango Delta in
Botswana is an unparalleled example of the richness of an untamed
landscape. This VR transports viewers to the Okavango and through
the pristine wilderness that is home to the world’s largest remaining
elephant population. Join NatGeo Fellow Dr. Steve Boyes and a group
of scientists to explore and protect these wetlands — the lifeblood of
this unique ecosystem.

National Geographic


The Wild Immersion Endorsed EarthXR AI AR VR Earthx2020
Wild Immersion endorsed by Jane Goodall

Wild Immersion, endorsed by Jane Goodall, is the world’s first virtual reserve. Through 360° virtual reality, you are teleported into an amazing close-up encounter with wildlife. Experience the feeling of being in the middle of the wilderness, discovering mind-blowing situations like they would happen in real life. You will cross five continents to discover the world’s biodiversity. Go all around the planet: hot and cold lands, jungles, savannahs and oceans to see the animals as you have never seen them before!

Jane Goodall Institute, Lenovo, Forum des Images, Diversion Cinema
wildimmersion.io | janegoodall.org

The Wild Immersion Aqua EarthXR AI AR VR Earthx2020
Wild Immersion: Aqua
Directors: Adrien Moisson and Raphael Aupy

Duration: 12 min.
An underwater odyssey. A breathtaking immersion into the marine world. A free dive into the heart of the sea: a school of colorful tropical fish, a sea tortoise, a manta ray, a whale shark and coral reefs as far as the eye can see… A sight to behold, but also a habitat that is threatened by extinction.

Jane Goodall Institute, Lenovo, Forum des Images, Diversion Cinema
wildimmersion.io | janegoodall.org

The Wild Immersion Alba EarthXR AI AR VR Earthx2020
Wild Immersion: Alba
Directors: Adrien Moisson and Raphael Aupy

Duration: 12 min.
Thanks to the Lenovo Mirage Solo standalone VR headset with Daydream, the audience finds themselves hovering above a frozen lake and a herd of elk. The starry sky is suddenly lit up by a dramatic display of the Northern Lights. Never is Nature’s force so striking as in the winter months. These inhospitable lands, where today’s humans wouldn’t survive without the trappings of modern technology, are home to many species of fauna imperiled by climate change.

Jane Goodall Institute, Lenovo, Forum des Images, Diversion Cinema
wildimmersion.io | janegoodall.org

The Wild Immersion Terra EarthXR AI AR VR Earthx2020
Wild Immersion: Terra
Directors: Adrien Moisson and Raphael Aupy

Duration: 12 min.
Tropical lands. Lush, green ecosystems. An unforgeable voyage in 15 acts, each
dedicated to a different animal: mongooses, chimpanzees, pelicans and emus as well as jaguars, pythons, tarantulas and more. Thanks to the 360° experience, the viewer can discover the limitless horizons of these worlds simply by turning around.

Jane Goodall Institute, Lenovo, Forum des Images, Diversion Cinema
wildimmersion.io | janegoodall.org | www.thewildimmersion.com

TheBlu The Blu EarthXR AI AR VR Earthx2020
Director: Jake Rowell

Duration: 2-10 min.
TheBlu: is a deeply immersive VR series that allows audiences to experience the wonder and majesty of the ocean through different habitats and come face to face with some of the most awe inspiring species on the planet. Designed as beautiful moments in passing or a collection of memories. The debut, featuring an incredible close encounter with an 80 foot whale, is already recognized as one the most iconic room scale VR experiences to date.

Wevr, Dreamscape


Living on Ice EarthXR AI AR VR Earthx2020
Living on Ice
Director: Barry Pousman

Duration: 5 min.
Hike with Sam Beaugey, a polar explorer and world-renowned mountaineer from the French Alps, as he returns for his 8th year to Antarctica. Sam recounts his death defying experiences including summiting some of the most dangerous icy climbs in white out conditions. Watch as he navigates the harsh terrain of this legendary continent in search of ice caves. Experience stunning landscapes from Antarctica in virtual reality like never before.

Discovery TRVLR, JUMP, Daydream, Yes Please Thank You


Within EarthXR AI AR VR Earthx2020
Within is the premier destination for innovative, entertaining, and informative story-based virtual and augmented reality. They bring together the best immersive experiences from the world’s finest VR creators — from gripping tales set in worlds of pure imagination to documentaries taking you further inside the news than ever before
This is Climate Change Fire AI AR VR Earthx2020
This is Climate Change: Fire
Directors: Eric Strauss and Danfung Dennis

Duration: 11 min.
In just the last three decades, changes in climate have doubled the amount of land burned by wildfires in the western United States. Follow the dedicated fighters-by air and on the ground – whose jobs have turned into year-round battles against these catastrophic blazes.

This is Climate Feast AI AR VR Earthx2020
This is Climate Change: Feast

Duration: 9 min.
Witness the beautiful expanse of Brazil’s ecologically valuable rainforest, threatened by loggers as massive trees are cleared to make way for a different kind of commodity.

This is Climate Famine AI AR VR Earthx2020
This is Climate Change: Famine

Duration: 10 min.
Travel into the arid expanse of Somalia, where crushing drought caused by rising temperatures has turned once fertile lands into a year-round desert.

As It Is
This is Climate Change: Melting Ice

Duration: 10 min.
Travel to Greenland with Former Vice President Al Gore to witness glaciers melting into rivers as icebergs disappear into the ocean.

Participant Media, Condition One

www.with.in | www.participantmedia.com | conditionone.com

Dolphin Man Breath EarthXR AI AR VR Earthx2020
Dolphin Man: Breathe
Created by Benîot Lichté

Duration: 6 min.
Sara Campbell is a world champion in constant weight apnea, a coach and a yoga teacher. Her mastery of breathing and her practice of yoga has allowed her to become a weighted apnea champion in only nine months of training.

Dolphin Man Dive EarthXR AI AR VR Earthx2020
Dolphin Man: Dive

Duration: 6 min.
A real time freedive into the depths with William Trubridge, a 14-time world record holder who lets us discover his extreme passion.

Dolphin Man Search EarthXR AI AR VR Earthx2020
Dolphin Man: Search

Duration: 6 min.
Journey to meet dolphins and sperm whales with engineer and biologist, Fabrice Schnöller.

Seppia Interactive, Arte G.E.I.E, WOWOW

www.with.in | www.dolphinmanfilm.com/360-vr

700 Sharks Into the Pack EarthXR AI AR VR Earthx2020
700 Sharks: Into the Pack
Director: Manuel Lefèvre

Duration: 7 min.
Join a small group of divers as they fit small trackers on the sharks to understand their behavior when hunting as a group.

Arte France, NEOTOPY, Le Cinqiuéme Rêve


The Protectors EarthXR AI AR VR Earthx2020
The Protectors
Directors: Kathryn Bigelow and Imraan Ismail

Duration: 10 min.
Experience a day in the life of a ranger in Garamba National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Rangers are often the last line of defense in the fight against poaching for ivory tusks. They constantly face danger, and even death, at the service of these sentient, noble creatures. Rangers are truly the unsung heroes in this race against time.

National Geographic Documentary Films, Annapurna Pictures


Fistful of Stars EarthXR AI AR VR Earthx2020
Fistful of Stars
Created by Eliza McNitt

Duration: 6 min.
Explore the cosmos through the lens of the Hubble Telescope. Journey to the Orion Nebula and experience the birth, life, and death of a star.

The Endless Collective, National Sawdust, ARUP

www.with.in | www.elizamcnitt.com

Google Daydream Impact: Ocean to Plate EarthXR AI AR VR Earthx2020
Google Daydream Impact
Ocean to Plate
Director: Condition One

Duration: 7 min.
It’s estimated that around 35% of harvested fish and seafood is lost or wasted somewhere between when it’s caught and when it appears on your plate. As part of the Daydream Impact program, the World Wildlife Fund and Condition One brought this journey to life. Short of actually being on a fishing boat or in a processing plant, there’s no better way to understand the fishing industry supply chain and its impact on our oceans.
Partners: World Wildlife Fund, Google Daydream Impact, Condition One


Google Daydream Impact: The Female Planet EarthXR AI AR VR Earthx2020
Google Daydream Impact
The Female Planet
Director: Mary Matheson

Duration: 6 min.
The Female Planet, uses VR technology to make it easy to shadow and learn from global female leaders. The series delves into the personal and professional experiences of five extraordinary women with careers spanning technology, science, sports, and the arts. Featuring Tiera Fletcher, a Boeing aerospace engineer designing a rocket for the NASA mission to Mars, and Golden Globe-winning actor, Gina Rodriguez, who focuses her career on roles that empower women.

Google Daydream Impact, YouTube, Surround Vision, NASA, Boeing


Google Spotlight Stories: Sonaria EarthXR AI AR VR Earthx2020
Google Spotlight Stories: Sonaria
Directors: Scot Stafford and Chromosphere

Duration: 4 min.
Follow two ever-changing creatures as they flow from one life-form to another in a vivid journey of sound and light. Sonaria’s visual language is simple and abstract, designed to suggest, while the sonic language is layered and immersive, designed to answer.

Google Daydream Impact


The Hydrous Immerse EarthXR AI AR VR Earthx2020
The Hydrous | Immerse
Directors: Erika Woolsey and Jason McGuigan

Duration: 9 min.
The ocean is over exploited, under protected, and out of mind. Too few people have the opportunity to explore marine environments such as coral reefs, which are rapidly degrading. This 360/VR film is therefore designed to take the viewer on an immersive, underwater journey to generate awareness, scientific understanding, and empowerment to protect our beautiful and threatened ocean.

National Geographic, Lenovo, Horizon Productions, Global Development Incubator, Autodesk, and 22 Degrees


EarthxMexico La Roca EarthXR AI AR VR Earthx2020
EarthxMexico + Memoria Virtual Mexico
La Roca
Director: Juan Carlos Rulfo

Duration: 5 min.
Juan Carlos Rulfo searches for a rock on the Nevado de Toluca where his father took a photograph 50 years earlier.

Narra cómo el propio Juan Carlos Rulfo va en busca de una roca en el Nevado de Toluca, en la que hace más de 50 años su padre se tomó una fotografía.

EarthxMexico Levantaos EarthXR AI AR VR Earthx2020
EarthxMexico + Memoria Virtual Mexico
Director: Alán González

Duration: 4 min.
A poetic and intimate approach to the traditions of the Day of the Dead in the community of Mixquic. The indigenous people mixed with the catholic traditions of a town where the time seems to stop among the smoke of copal and cempasuchitl harvesters. The population of this town give their time, creativity and energy, to honor their dead year by year. The tradition keeps the knowledge of the their ancestors that had an important respect for the sacred an intangible world alive.

Pasaje poético e íntimo de las tradiciones de Día de Muertos en la comunidad de Mixquic, un retrato del presente indígena, que se mezcla con las tradiciones católicas en un pueblo donde el tiempo parece no haber transcurrido, entre humo de copal y sembradíos de cempasúchil los habitantes de este pueblo cada año entregan su tiempo, su creatividad y su energía para honrar la visita de sus difuntos. Su tradición, resguarda sin duda el conocimiento ancestral de sus antepasados que tenían un enorme respeto por el mundo intangible y sagrado.

EarthxMexico Marietas EarthXR AI AR VR Earthx2020
EarthxMexico + Memoria Virtual Mexico
Director: Adrián López

Duration: 4 min.
The conservation of the Marietas Islands within Bahía de Banderas is a challenge immersed in a world full of perspectives. There is a conflict between human beings and nature; coexistence requires local actions with global impact.

La conservación de las Islas Marietas dentro de Bahía de Banderas es un reto inmerso en un mundo lleno de perspectivas. Existe un conflicto entre los seres humanos y la naturaleza, la coexistencia requiere de acciones locales con impactos globales.

EarthxMexico Restore Coral EarthXR AI AR VR Earthx2020
EarthxMexico + Memoria Virtual Mexico
Restore Coral
Director: Roberto Cerda

Duration: 3 min.
Mexico has the second largest coral reef in the world. It is home to multiple species that have lasted because they have been working to maintain equilibrium within the ecosystem. In the last decades, the Mesoamerican Reef has lost a 75% of its density, a risk for thousands of marine species. For this reason, Restore Coral is looking to create valuable relationships between private actors, government, academy and society, to give voice to one of the most endangered ecosystems: coral reefs.

México cuenta con el segundo arrecife de coral más grande del mundo, hogar de miles de especies que han prevalecido gracias a su adaptación en equilibrio con del ecosistema. En las últimas décadas el arrecife mesoamericano ha experimentado una pérdida de densidad del 75%, poniendo en peligro a cientos de especies marinas. Es por ello que en Restore Coral buscamos propiciar la colaboración entre actores privados, gubernamentales, la academia y la sociedad, para dar voz a uno de los ecosistemas más importantes y amenazados a nivel mundial, los arrecifes de coral.

EarthxMexico Cienegas Experience EarthXR AI AR VR Earthx2020
EarthxMexico + Memoria Virtual Mexico
Cuatro Cienegas Experience
Director: Ricardo Ganem

Production: Zenics with the collaboration of Pronatura Noreste A.C.
Experience one of the most unique places in the world, get to know Cuatro Ciénegas through the magic that is virtual reality.

A place that stood still in time and space to show us the importance of the preservation of this magic place in the desert which pools embody ecosystems and endemic species that have thrived for millions of years.

Memoria Virtual, DREAMO, TRIMETIKA, bambuterra, Instituto Mexicano de Realidades Mixtas


After Earth EarthXR AI AR VR Earthx2020
After Earth
Full Day Projection | Director: Jess X. Snow

Duration: 12 min.
As rising sea levels threaten the loss of their motherland in Hawai’i, the Philippines, China and North America, four women fight to preserve the volcano, ocean, land, and air for future generations.

Smithsonian Asian Pacific Center


Wonders of the Sea Augmented Reality EarthXR AI AR VR Earthx2020
Wonders of the Sea Augmented Reality
Director: Jean-Michel Cousteau

Augmented Reality
Wonders of the Sea 3D is an immersive diving experience within a film. It resorts to advanced 3D filming techniques to make the audience feel as if they were diving. From Fiji to the Bahamas, Jean-Michel Cousteau and his children Celine and Fabien embark on a voyage to discover the ocean as never seen before and learn more about the threats that put our ocean at risk.

Rokit, Green Cross, Ocean Futures Society, DiCaprio Foundation, R20, Earth Together, Bruber Media Partners

www.wondersofthesea3d.com | www.oceanfutures.org/about/cousteau-family

Bloom World Premiere EarthXR AI AR VR Earthx2020
WORLD PREMIERE | Created by PX Lab (Eric Trich, Taylor Cleveland)

Duration: Full Day Projection
BLOOM is an interactive projection piece that visualizes the energy that is transferred from water to plants during a storm. The rain creates a silhouette of all that it touches; washing away the past for the coming Spring.


Ocean Alive Kinetic Experience EarthXR AI AR VR Earthx2020
Ocean Alive Kinetic Experience
WORLD PREMIERE | Created by Virtual Wild | Director: Jay Rutherford

Duration: Full Day Projection
In the Ocean Alive Kinetic Experience, visitors are transported to the bottom of the sea where they can interact with the ocean’s eco-system. The motion-tracking kinetic wall displays visitors’ silhouettes and allows them to travel around an ocean scape. By waving their hands, visitors bring colorful corals to life on the rocks, play with schools of fish, and can pick up items along their way.

Microsoft XBOX 360 Kinect


Additional VR Experiences will be available throughout the expo with projects from: Animal Equality, Conservation International, Don’t Mess with Texas, EarthxMexico, Memoria Virtual Mexico, Frontline, NOVA, Emblematic Group and more.
Animal Equality: Chickens, Dair, Pigs EarthXR AI AR VR Earthx2020
Animal Equality: Chickens, Dairy, Pigs
Director: Jose Valle

Duration: 5-10 min.
Transport inside a factory farm and slaughterhouse to learn how pigs live and die within its walls. Get an immersive experience into the life and death of factory-farmed chickens. Investigators film inside intensive dairy farms and slaughterhouses. Including scenes filmed in Devon and Somerset, the film challenges people’s idyllic image of dairy farming in the UK.

Valen's Beef EarthXR AI AR VR Earthx2020
Conservation International
Valen’s Reef
Director: Inraa Ishmale

Duration: 8 min.
Valen’s Reef is a touching, immersive VR film that shares the wonder of some of Earth’s most beautiful reefs through the eyes of West Papuan fisherman-turned-coral-reef-scientist and conservationist, Ronald Mambrasar, and his 8-year-old son, Valen. Together, they take viewers on an underwater journey among the region’s stunning sea life, including manta rays and sharks. Ronald shares how his people have reclaimed their ancestral waters, creating one of the world’s most successful community-based marine conservation projects.

Conservation International, Here Be Dragons, The Tiffany & Co. Foundation

Under the Canopy EarthXR AI AR VR Earthx2020
Conservation International
Under the Canopy
Director: Patrick Meegan

Duration: 11 min.
The Amazon rainforest gives us air we need to survive and is our best hope in a time of climate change. With its second virtual reality film, Conservation International invites you to plunge through the forest canopy, meet Amazonia’s stunningly abundant wildlife and explore the jungle with Kamanja, a wise member of an indigenous community, which is uniquely able to protect such a vital place.

Conservation International, Jaunt, MacArthur Foundation, SC Johnson, The Tiffany & Co. Foundation, HP


Greenland Melting EarthXR AI AR VR Earthx2020
Greenland Melting
Director: Catherine Upin and Nonny De La Peña

Duration: 13 min.
Greenland’s glaciers are melting faster and faster. This VR experience brings the story to life as never before. On the heels of the United States’ withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement, Greenland Melting provides a rare, up-close view of icy Arctic scenery that’s disappearing faster than predicted. The VR experience was created with high-resolution photogrammetry capturing both interiors and exteriors of nine different locations. The NASA scientists in this story were filmed using 8i technology and added to scenes as 3-D figures.

Frontline, NOVA, Emblematic Group, X-Rez Studio, Realtra


EarthXR Sponsors and Partners



HTC VIVE is a first-of-its-kind virtual reality platform, built and optimized for room-scale VR and authentic interactions. Delivering on the promise of VR with game-changing technology and best-in-class content, VIVE has created the strongest ecosystem for hardware and software, bringing VR to consumers, developers and enterprises.

HTC VIVE VR for Impact

VR for Impact is a multi-year program providing grants to VR projects in support of the Sustainable Development Goals. The SDGs are a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity. Through VR for Impact, HTC Vive is committing $10 million dollars to developers, creators and VR dreamers to build something new, something that speaks to our humanity and has the potential to change the world.


Samsung Gear VR

Gear VR is your portal to a new world where you can see, share, and do more—like relive moments in 360 degrees captured with the Gear 360 or travel to the places of your dreams. Immerse yourself in virtual worlds and embark on new adventures. Anything’s possible with the Gear VR.


Google Daydream Impact

Daydream Impact is a program that gives changemakers the inspiration, guidance, and tools to improve reality using VR video. VR experiences can be a powerful way to engage, learn, and connect with others, and we want to enable nonprofits to create and share these stories.



360 Labs

360 Labs is a production company specializing in 360º immersive panoramic photography and video based out of Portland, Oregon who create meaningful and memorable experiences for virtual reality, desktop and mobile applications. They strive for exceptional quality in the 360 medium, employing advanced panoramic photography techniques, stereoscopy, photogrammetry and gigapixel capture and create truly customized experiences for each client, providing VR application development where a solid user experience is at forefront for every project.


Post Asylum

Post Asylum exists to create original, compelling motion content for agencies and brands. We are obsessed with design, storytelling and engagement. We believe there is no substitute for top tier talent, teamwork and enthusiasm.

Our deep and diverse talent pool embraces innovative technologies to develop the best creative solution for each and every project. We seamlessly integrate concept development, creative direction, design, production, editorial, animation, visual fx, VR/experiential, original music and color/finish, all under one roof.


Scape Supply Co.

Scape Supply Co. provides the Interiorscape Industry with high quality products from many different suppliers. We have exclusive distribution for products ranging from Commercial containers to specialized in house Ceramics. We are a one stop shop for any plantscapers doing installations and design work.




As a world leading gaming brand, MSI is the most trusted name in gaming and eSports. MSI integrated all gamers’ aspirational functions in its gaming rigs, eliminating the tedious trial and error by themselves and pushing the performance beyond limits. The determination to surpass past achievements has made MSI a ‘True Gaming’ brand with gaming spirit throughout the industry!


Red Flight Mobile – Access to Innovation with Robinne Burrell

Formed in 2016, Access to Innovation Workshops is a Los Angeles based series of educational workshops for youth, as part of Redflight Mobile’s social enterprise arm. The goal of the workshops is to build upon the national initiatives to expose more young students to STEM, digital arts, and to the variety of career roles in technology. Through an immersive series of sessions in coding, virtual reality, augmented reality, robotics and product development, participants will leave with the fundamentals needed to become the next generation of tech leaders.

Sean Fitzgerald Photography

Dallas, Texas-based nature, conservation and travel photographer. Documenting Texas conservation issues including Texas prairies, monarch butterflies, and urban ecosystems such as Dallas Great Trinity Forest.

Memoria Virtual México

Festival International de Cine con Medios Alternativos. Realidadas Immersas.


Nuestra misión es acelerar el movimiento global para facilitar la integración, el diálogo, el compromiso, la acción y el seguimiento orientado a asegurar nuestra supervivencia en el planeta. Los actos pequeños, cuando se multiplican por millones de personas, pueden cambiar el mundo.

Human Hotel

Human Hotel is a home-sharing community on a mission to maximize meaningful human meetings while minimizing CO2. Guests staying with local hosts burn 20x less CO2 compared to staying in an average hotel. Born out the UN COP15 – Human Hotel started as a Danish housing initiative that matched together 3,000 climate activists with private families during the UN Climate Summit in Copenhagen (2009). They have since expanded to: Amsterdam, Berlin, Chicago, London, LA, Mexico City, Milan, NYC, Paris, Sao Paulo and more. This is their first event in Dallas!

EarthXR 2018

2018 EarthXR Experience
2018 EarthXR Presentations