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Mexico Pavilion at EXPO

April 26-28
Fair Park • Dallas

What’s at the Mexico Pavilion

Mexico is home to some of the world’s most awesome eco-treasures. From the Meso-American Barrrier Reef to the majestic Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl volcanoes near Puebla, to the crystal clear cenotes and underground rivers of the Yucatan and the stunning scenery of Copper Canyon’s Barrancas del Cobre, Mexico has a wealth of natural wonders. The Mexico Pavilion is filled with exhibits, speakers and activities whose purpose is to educate, inform and involve people in helping to protect, preserve and sustain our national treasures. Be sure to drop by for a visit to learn more about our activities and how you can get involved.

The Guide to the Mexico Pavilion

We invite you to browse our EVENT GUIDE to see our schedule and learn more about our exhibits, activities and participants. We welcome you and look forward to seeing you at the Earthx2019 Mexico Pavilion!

Mexico Pavilion

Panels and speakers subject to change.

DAY 1 – Friday – April 26, 2019
10:15AM • Welcome/Bienvenida
10:30AM • Inauguration of the Mexico Pavilion

Alvaro Corcuera and Ana Francisca Vignon singing, Trammell Crow welcome

11:00AM • Presentation EarthX México

Juan Carlos Izquierdo and Iñigo Orvañanos (EarthX Mexico)

11:20AM • Funding Environmental Projects

José Miguel Cortés (Fondo de Fondos), Lorenzo Rosenzweig (FMCN), Kathy Gregoire (Pronatura)

11:25AM • Presentation: Strategy, Policy, Sustainability, and Development

Enrique Lendo (Allcot)

12:05PM • Reversible-Carbon Footprint App

Fernando Vera (Reversible)

12:25PM • Presentation: Nanodrizas -Water Analyzing Eco Tech Device

Arcangello Constantini (Eco Tech Artist)

12:50PM • Video Loops
1:00PM • Univision Green Project


1:50PM • Presentation: Airlite

Francesco Palmirani, Juan Enrique Salinas, Rodrigo Salinas

2:15PM • Mayan Train

Pablo Vazquez, Rafael Pacchiano (Former Minister of SEMARNAT) and Senator Eduardo Murat Lorenzo Rosenzweig (FMCN)-Moderator

2:50PM • New Environmental Investment Fund

Jose Miguel Cortes (Fondo de Fondos)

3:05PM • Pronatura: Cuatro Ciénegas

Pronatura Representative

3:30PM • Crucial Environmental Issues in Mexico

Senator Eduardo Murat

4:10PM • Bajio Cleaner Production Program Leon, Guanajuato

US Mexico Chamber of Commerce (USMCOC)
Sergio Ponce, Joe Chapa, Joe Lopez

4:35PM • Restore Coral: The Mesoamerican Coral Reef and the White Syndrome

Roberto Cerda

4:50PM • Video Loops
DAY 2 – Saturday – April 27, 2019
10:15AM • Inauguration of the Mexico Pavilion

Alvaro Corcuera and Ana Francisca Vignon singing, Trammell Crow welcome

10:30AM • Sustainable Ranching

Luis Caraza (Rancho La Luna) and Julián Chará (Colombian Sustainable Ranching Program)

10:50AM • The importance of Regenerative Ranching

Lorenzo Rosenzweig (FMCN) and Mauricio de la Maza (Pronatura NE)

11:20AM • Papalote Museo del Niño Monterrey - Environmental Education

Jose Antonio Perez (Papalote Museum-Director)

11:45AM • Presentation: Tec de Monterrey-Bio Design-Native Mexican Bees

Mayra Rendon Olvera

12:05PM • Video Loops
12:15PM • Presentation: House of Beauty- Eco Friendly Cleaning Products

Representative from House of Beauty

12:35PM • Sustainable Art

Amanda de la Rosa

12:50PM • Presentation: Vibes For the Planet

Pablo Aboumrad

1:15PM • Presentation: Raramuri Representatives talking about their community and the environment

Maria Nicolasa Gardea Cruz and Miguel Manuel Parra

1:40PM • Presentation: Rise- Huichol Project

Isidro Ovejas

2:05PM • Border Issues- wildlife, water and air

Mauricio de la Maza (Pronatura NE), Rafael Pacchiano (Former Minister of SEMARNAT), Federico Llamas (UMA), Lorenzo Rosenzweig (FMCN)- moderator

2:35PM • Video Loops
2:45PM • Mar Coral Emergency

Lorenzo Rosenzweig (FMCN), Roberto Cerda (Restore Coral), Rep of ENZYNOX, Melody Saunders Brenna (Reef Life Foundation) -Moderator

3:20PM • Vaquita-On the Verge of Extinction

Rafael Pacchiano (Former Minister of SEMARNAT), Eva Hidalgo (Operation Milagro-Sea Shepherd-Mexico)

3:55PM • Environmental Action and Communication

Adrian Rodriguez (Bodai Intl), Alejandra Zenzes (Anmark), Enrique Lendo (ALLCOT)

4:20PM • Energy- Mexico and Renewables

Jack Kahan (Grupo Kahan) and Al Zapanta (USMCOC)

4:45PM • Presentation ANMARK

Oscar Rebora and Alejandra Zenzes

4:50PM • Guillermo Sanchez Presentation


5:05PM • Video Loops
DAY 3 – Sunday – April 28, 2019
10:15AM • Welcome/Bienvenida (Video Loops)
10:25PM • BODAI International: Digital Environmental Era

Adrian Rodriguez

10:45AM • Presentation Coliseo

Juan Bazaldua (Tec de Monterrey)

11:10AM • Environmental Justice

Isidro Ovejas (Rise-Huichol Project), Enrique Lendo (ALLCOT), Pablo Vazquez

11:45AM • Presentation: Universidad del Medio Ambiente (UMA)

Federico Llamas

12:05PM • Jaguar Conservation

Pablo Vazquez

12:30PM • Agriculture water equals electricity: Biosphere 2-Univ AZ

Joaquin Ruiz (University of Arizona)

12:50PM • Video Loops
1:00PM • Environmental Policy

Rafael Pacchiano (Former SEMARNAT Minister) and Senator Eduardo Murat Lorenzo Rosenzweig (FMCN)-Moderator

1:50PM • Presentation: Nanodrizas

Arcangello Constantini

2:10PM • Tourism and the Environmental Price

Pablo Vasquez, Rafael Pacchiano (Former SEMARNAT Minister), Rachel Appel (Filmmaker)

2:45PM • Presentation: Eagle Project-Fondo Mexicano para la Conservacion de la Naturaleza (FMCN)

Lorenzo Rosenzweig- (FMCN)

3:05PM • Panel Environmental Concerns- Mexico University Students

Representatives of Mexico University volunteers

3:50PM • Presentation: Mexican Hackathon team
4:15PM • Video Loops
4:45PM • Closing / Thank You

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