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Welcome to EarthxFilm

Learn who we are and the issues that drive us
We have a tremendously diverse and exciting lineup of films that take you around the world to see what is happening on the environmental front.

The films can be breathtaking, exhilarating, inspirational and beautiful. We will be honest: Sometimes they don’t paint a pretty picture, as global temperatures continue to climb, fragile habitats continue to be destroyed and the struggle for environmental justice is an uphill climb. That being said, there is a wide and growing array of brave women and men who are working to counter and correct this, and we are thrilled to share their stories with you here at EarthxFilm.

We are a relatively new film festival, but the work we are focusing on has been ongoing for decades, really dating back to the first Earth Day in 1970. We are also grateful to be working with EarthX to gather together vast legions of people who believe that the right to clean air and clean water is a fundamental one. We also believe that it is ever imperative to speak this truth to the politicians and business leaders who make so many of the decisions that affect our everyday. As we look to the 50th anniversary of Earth Day next April 22, 2020, we know that this is the most important work we could be doing, and are enormously and ever grateful to you, the storytellers and the audience, for turning out for this crucial event.

Thank you for being a part of all this. We hope you leave inspired and motivated to be part of the changes that can lead to a better life on this planet for all of us and all of Earth’s creatures.

Michael Cain – President and Founder, EarthxFilm
Trammell S. Crow – Founder, EarthX and EarthxFilm
David Holbrooke – Artistic Director, EarthxFilm
Tony Keane – CEO, EarthX

Board of Directors

Trammell S. Crow – Founder & Chairman

King Hollis

Leilani Münter

Stephen Nemeth

Louie Psihoyos

Jessica Hall Upchurch

Danni Washington

Michael Cain – Founder & President

Rose Mercer – Secretary

Founder’s Circle

Garrett Boone

Stuart M. Bumpas

Trammell S. Crow

Barbara and Steve Durham

Scott Ginsburg

Judith Lifson

Lynn and Allan McBee

Megan and Casey McManemin

Sandra and Sam Moon

Jackie and Peter Stewart

Jessica and Matthew Upchurch

Amanda Ward

Advisory Council

Olivia Ahnemann

John Beitter

Dennis Bishop

Janis Burkland

Karl Chiao

Chip Comins

Joe Dishner

Limbert Fabian

Adrienne Faulkner

James Faust

Veletta Forsythe-Lill

Christian Gaines

Courtney Garza

Rich Goldberg

John Haden

Joseph Harberg

J.V. Hart

Danielle Hawthorne

Amy Hofland

Amy King

Brian Landa

Ron Maxwell

SJ Murray

Norry Niven

Brandon Oldenburg

Gina Papabeis

Chuck Peil

Zak Shelton

Renee Shippey

David A. Small

David Hale Smith

Don Stokes

Derek and Carrie Stumfall

Chris Taylor

Pam Teagarden

Stephanie Trest

Kathy Tyner

Larry Waks

Bart Weiss

Rick and Beth Wilbins

Brandt Wood


Michael Cain – Founder & President

Trammell S. Crow- Founder & Chairman

David Holbrooke – Artistic Director

Tony Keane – CEO EarthX

EarthxFilm Staff

Tiffany Kieran – Director of Interactive Programming & Partnerships

Melanie Yonks – Director of Education & Outreach

Katie Ulvin – Events & Production Manager

Taylor Miller – Assistant to President

Dennis Bishop – Co-Founder Senior Consultant

Festival Staff

Matt Ostasiewski – Director of Operations

Joey Cade – Interactive Producer & Partnerships

James Paul – Interactive Technical Producer & Partnerships

Emily Hargrove – Consulting Producer

Hayley Nenadal – Program & Submissions Manager

Leigh Parks – Special Events Coordinator

Dev Shapiro – Presentation Team

David Lacombe – Production Coordinator

Dawn Spalding – Fundraising Consultant

Sprinkles Creative; Christina Bluford, Courtney Garza, Brooklynne Palmer – Social Media

Marc Lee – Website & Marketing

Katie Klingsporn – Program Guide & Website Copy Editor

Keith Nix – Community Outreach

David Howard – Prekindle Ticketing

Andrea Rodriguez Newham: Cub Reporter Producer

John Wildman & Chris Gardner – Publicity

Amanda Nall & Rhonda Nall – Box Office Management

Colibri: One by One Marketing – Street Team Marketing & Outreach

Madi Bready – Interactive Associate Producer

James Wallace – Interactive Technical Assistant

Kelly Campbell – Guest Services


Evelyn Pecikonis – Interactive Production Coordinator

Caleb Pond – Interactive Production Assistant

Karen Vanderpool-Haerle – Interactive Production Assistant

Melissa Robinson – Intern

Harrison Binkley – Intern

Pedro Martinez- Production Assistant

Sarah Bisnette- Production Assistant Education

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