Unknown-11. Tell us a little about your background in film and how you came to EDTx.

I founded my first film festival in 1999 which was the Deep Ellum Film Festival and raised funds for cancer relief. That festival grew into the Dallas International Film Festival which still runs today. In between directing/producing films Trammell asked if I would be on the founding board of Earth Day Dallas and then came on in 2014 as Executive Director as we made the name change to Earth Day Texas. We then helped the feature documentary RACING EXTINCTION to completion and that launched the idea if creating a film festival this year.

2. What is EarthxFilm and how do you hope it will make an impact?

EARTHxFilm will be more than a film festival. It will utilize the power of film to build on a foundation of partnerships with influencers, thought leaders, top brands, and environmental organizations around the world many of whom are attending Earth Day Texas. When the lights go down, the films will transport our audiences, but when the lights go back up, we will seek to engage and empower each audience member to participate in what we see as the vital challenge of our lifetime – to ensure there will be lifetimes to come.”    

There will be 19 feature films, 33 shorts, 5 virtual reality (VR) projects, and 6 works in progress – exploring highly charged topics such as the state of the oceans and rivers, our food and water sources, clean energy, GMOs, sustainable farming,

3. Which film has had the most impact on your career and why?

I’d say BIGGER THAN WATER, the film we are currently producing on the Flint, Michigan Water Crisis. It tells the story of the men and women who armed themselves with science to take on the government to get water for their families.

4. What do you want people to take away from this new eco-film festival experience?

We’d like to connect the audience with the filmmakers, causes and organizations who are working toward a better tomorrow. We’d like to turn awareness into long-term impact. We’d like more people to engage with Earth Day Texas.

5. What does Earth Day mean to you?

A day that focuses the world on the planet we are live on and a starting point for year-round environmental activation.