Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 9.53.42 AM1. Tell us a little about your background and how you came to EDTx?
I love working with students! I’ve taught and advised students for more than 10 years.
My goal in life is to help young people gain exposure and utilize resources in the community and at school. When students connect with local organizations and campus clubs they are networking and creating a support system to ensure academic success. Earth Day Texas is one of those community resources that could change a student’s life by letting them interact with experts in sustainability from every industry you can imagine.

2. What are the Academic & Educational programs this year?
Debates, World IP Day, EARTHxPITCH, Field Trips, Solar Raceway just to name a few!

3. What’s your most memorable experience with EDTx?
I followed the Solar Car Challege cars from Texas Motor Speedway up 35 North all the way to Manhattan, KS. You can come to Earth Day Texas to meet the teams and see some of these student-built, street-worthy cars!

4. We heard more than 100 schools are coming to EDTx 2017, including a school in Nicaragua. Tell us about that.
Harmony Campuses from Across DFW are bringing the following:
    1. LSBCM(Light-Sensing Blind Closing Mechanism)
    2. Emoji Plant
    3. 3D printed robotic hand
    4. Solar Panel Backpack
    5. Display the Solar Roller car (whenever not in competition)
    6. Electric Skate Board
    7. Robot used for picking up trash, cups, helps disabled people
    8. solar car with wind mill generator
    9. Meteorites (picking up with special tool) which will help our environment

Colegio Douglas Antonio Vasquez Galeano based in Nicaragua will be highlighting off-the-grid school, drip irrigation gardens, solar powered computer lab, electronic books only. Dallas ISD Environmental Education Center will be showcasing their education programs along with their Planetarium.

LEGO will be back with the “A, Bees and Seas” program where children will get inspired and build flowers, trees, etc. to help the bees. Additionally, they can learn about fish, shellfish and seagrass and why we need to keep our oceans clean. We will bring rollups with pictures to inspire the children to explore these two topics.

5. What does Earth Day Texas mean to you?
Exploration and education.