Taking Hydration and Nutrition to a New Level

EarthX was instrumental in connecting Equinox Harvest, makers of natural birch waters, to TetraPak, an industry leader in cardboard drink packaging.

As a result, Equinox Harvest is contemplating a move from traditional bottling to cardboard bottling. We anticipate that Equinox Harvest will make great progress in this area of conservation and help continue our work of bringing innovative organizations together for environmental progress.

Equinox Harvest produces naturally-flavored birch water, a unique alternative to other drinks on the market. As the name suggests, Equinox Harvest only harvests its birch water every spring during the Equinox, the only time of year when the length of day and night are the same.

Dallas professional basketball player J.J. Barea is an ambassador for Equinox Harvest, a leader in the market for healthy drinks. The birch water Equinox Harvest produces is vegan, gluten-free, fat-free and cholesterol‑free, and most importantly, does not harm their trees.