Earlier this month, investors from US-based clean energy technology companies and energy investors from China gathered at the US China Innovation and Investment Summit (UCIS) in Houston, Texas. The event facilitates a unique opportunity for collaboration between representatives from innovative renewable energy companies in the US and investors and strategic partners from China. Both groups can strategically leverage this environment to seek out cross-border opportunities in industries like water and wastewater treatment, solar energy, smart grid and energy storage, recycling, biomass energy, hydro and wind power and eco-protection.

EARTHx was proud to have 12 candidates who had previously pitched at the 2017 EarthxE-Capital Summit also attend and participate in the InnoSTARS Competition at UCIS. Similar to the EarthxE-Capital Summit at EARTHx, the InnoSTARS competition allowed US-based clean tech innovators and companies to pitch potential strategic partnerships. Matt Myers, EARTHx VP of Strategy and Operations, served as one of the InnoSTARS judges.  

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In addition to serving as a judge, Matt moderated the Renewable Energy and Clean Tech: Chinese Investors Share Their Investment Experience and Needs panel session. Participating panel speakers included Mr. Bin Zhang, Managing Director at Tianyi Capital, Mr. Yong Kang, Dean at the Institute of New Energy and John Robinson, Principal Consultant at Mandarin Environment.

The UCIS plays an important role in the clean tech and renewable energy sectors because of its ability to bring people together from both US and Chinese markets to propel us towards a cleaner, more sustainable planet. This idea of bringing people together to invest in cutting-edge technology, globalization and the future of our environment, is a sentiment EARTHx is proud to support and aide towards accomplishment.