Last Chance Endeavors

Last Chance Endeavors is a Georgia based 501(c)3 organization that educates and inspires listeners through a podcast series called Conservation Connection. In early April 2019, founders Sarah Kathryn and Chance Ruder learned about the diversity of personalities and ideas on sustainability at EXPO Earthx2019 and made plans to attend.

They recorded 26 episodes of Conservation Connection direct from Fair Park in just five days. Kathryn and Chance connected with passionate environmental advocates including scientists, conservationists, executives, teachers, and activists. Notable guests included Mark Victor Hansen, Don Hartsell, Vicki Nichols Goldstein, and Dr. Kirk Johnson.

Since Earthx2019, Conservation Connection has developed a Science Communication Workshop program to help students interested in environmentalism become effective communicators. And through EarthX, Last Chance Endeavors provided its audience with diverse viewpoints from environmental leaders from around the world.

Find episodes of Conservation Connection at, or on your preferred podcast platform.