How One Company’s Respect for the Environment Elevates Standards of Social Responsibility.

This year,EarthX partnered with Occidental Petroleum Corporation to host the EarthX Responsible Oil & Gas Conference, covering initiatives and technologies that can enable oil and gas companies to achieve sustainability in their global operations. Occidental is leading by example with their programs of positive environmental stewardship.

Occidental is committed to limiting its environmental impact through application of the Health, Environment, and Safety Management System (HESMS) to facilitate preservation of biodiversity with efficient use of land. They are a leader in Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR), using existing infrastructure such as roads to recover additional oil and gas from existing fields to add significant life-cycle environmental benefits.

Occidental partners with EarthX to spread awareness of the ways in which the oil and gas industry can do its part to limit environmental impact. This year, EarthX attendees met with Occidental executives and other sponsors, to learn about steps they’re taking to minimize their environmental impact. We would like to thank Occidental for partnering with us to achieve their mission of environmental protection, and we look forward to seeing their progress as a leader in sustainability.