Let’s Be Friends. Let’s Collaborate.

EarthX is proud to partner with Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in roundtable discussions at our events and look forward to collaborating with them on areas of transmission grid modernization and energy storage.

Discovery in action. These words describe what they do at PNNL, since their inception in 1965. For more than 50 years, they’ve advanced the frontiers of science and engineering in the service of our nation and the world. They have made fundamental scientific discoveries that illuminate the mysteries of our planet and the universe. They apply their scientific expertise to tackle some of the most challenging problems in energy and the environment.

PNNL scientists and engineers are constantly exploring new ways to produce clean energy and to improve energy efficiency. Ways to turn waste carbon into useful fuels. Designing metal-organic frameworks for refrigerants for more efficient cooling systems. Studying the emerging field of connected lighting where efficient LEDs interact with sensors, and microcomputers for myriad applications. And much, much more.

They invite everyone to join in helping to connect in ways that will help to make a difference. And to visit their website to take a virtual tour of some of their unique laboratories where something might whet your appetite.

In their words, “Let’s be friends and collaborate to transform the world.”